JVC HAS160A Flat Headphones review

JVC HAS160A Flat Headphones – Blue



  • Frequency Response – 12-24,000Hz
  • Impedance – 32ohms

The sound was the biggest surprise. They have a bright (emphasis on treble) sound with good bass quality that does not bleed into the middle. Unlike most cheap headphones, the bass is not exaggerated, but exists where it should be. I would describe the overall sound as punchy, lively and funny.  I was very surprised at how good these sounds are, and also the comfort is not bad (remember that these are in your ear if this is a problem for you, but it should not be a big problem, if … at all really.)

Back to the sound quality and the one-time emphasis mentioned above, in all reports after the burn-in (about 40 hours of use), the heights are matured. I use the “flat” setting in my EQ to smooth it out, and I could not be happier with her reaction. To put things in perspective, I own and love my  ATH-M50X headphones. Still, the comfort and practical size of the JVC Flats and their entertaining signature sound are often enough for me. The build quality (including a metal headband with massive, decisive click settings) is also surprisingly good in this price range.

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