Toshiba S300 6TB Surveillance 3.5” Internal Hard Drive review

Toshiba S300 6TB Surveillance 3.5” Internal Hard Drive – SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 256MB Cache (HDWT360UZSVAR)


Designed for 24/7 surveillance and video recording systems
Scalable on up to 64 HD video cameras
Supports a workload rating of up to 180 TB / year
Built-in rotary vibration sensors (RV). Maintains consistency in harsh operating environments.
Includes Toshiba 3-year warranty

Toshiba S300 Surveillance 3.5 “Internal Hard Drive
Capture every detail
For those of you who are serious about security, the Toshiba S300 Surveillance internal surveillance drive offers you every corner. The S300 delivers both high performance and mission-critical reliability designed for 24/7 operation in your home office and in small office video surveillance systems.

The S300 Surveillance Hard Drive has been designed for high reliability and supports high utilization. It has been tested to work around the clock and never sleep – so you can.

The S300 is equipped with features to protect your data and provides optimal performance for your surveillance system. All this is based on over 45 years of storage expertise and exceptional quality from Toshiba, the name you can trust. There is also a three-year Toshiba limited warranty (3) to help you feel at peace.

Surveillance Network Video Recorder (sNVR)
Digital Surveillance Video Recorder (SDVR)
Hybrid SDVR (analog and IP)
RAID storage arrays for monitoring

Designed for monitoring around the clock
The S300 is designed to operate reliably in demanding surveillance environments and supports workloads * of up to 180 TB per year (7) and MTTF of up to 1 million hours (8) to keep your security system running 24/7.


Optimized performance
With a storage capacity of up to 10 TB, you can reliably record and stream HD video at lightning speed. This allows you to store more HD footage and more frames per second. The S300’s large cache (up to 256MB) * and fast data transfer speed (up to 248MB / s (9)) * help minimize image loss and enhance video playback.

Cache size and transfer speed vary depending on capacity

Scale with your security system
The S300 supports up to 64 high definition cameras (10) *, giving you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your surveillance system in the future. With a storage capacity of up to 10TB (1), you can store more HD video, allowing for longer data retention on fewer hard drives.

 The number of supported cameras depends on the capacity

Built for eternity
The S300 uses RV sensor technology to compensate for the effects of vibration from adjacent drives or cooling fans in a multi-cabin enclosure. It is designed to operate over a wide temperature range and is durable even in harsh operating environments.

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