Azio RM-RCM-L-03 Retro Classic Mouse review

Azio RM-RCM-L-03 Retro Classic Mouse (Artisan)

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Impeccable attention to detail – real leather cover, textured aluminum wheel and alloy frame with precision bolts. The scroll wheel design begins with a high quality aluminum rod that is diamond-knurled and rounded off on a precision CNC lathe with bevelled edges. It is then anodized to improve aesthetics and durability.
The PixArt Paw3805 sensor is designed to be easily traced on virtually any surface, including glass and other high-gloss materials.
Establish a wireless connection with Bluetooth or RF via a USB receiver. Works natively on Bluetooth-enabled PCs, but also includes a USB-RF receiver for computers without Bluetooth.
The leather cover can be changed after excessive use or to achieve a different appearance.
Built-in is a 1000mAh lithium-ion battery with high capacity. The service life is up to 4 months for a single charge.

The Retro Classic Mouse (RCM) remains true to minimalist philosophy to emphasize its ambidextrous design. With its advanced features and ability to work on virtually any surface, The RCM is an indispensable companion to your classic and compact retro keyboard.

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