Shadows Die Twice Guide: Where To Find Key Early-Game Shinobi Prosthetics

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice is full of tough opponents, like all the titles from From Software. Fighting them requires quick reflexes while warding off and distracting attacks while looking for an opening to fight back. But some enemies are more creative than shooting them down with a sword. On your way through Sekiro you will also find additional weapons that will often give you quick access to the weaknesses of various villains.

These weapons are added to Shinobi Prosthodontics, the special left prosthesis that allows you to do all sorts of things in Sekiro, including clinging to buildings and trees. But to use the tools for the Shinobi prosthesis, you need to find them. There are a lot and they are usually scattered in the game world. Some that you can buy, others that you earn through boss fights, and others that you need to find through exploration.

There are three prostheses in Sekiro that are extremely easy to miss, but if you have them you can make the first few hours of play a lot easier. The firecrackers, the Shinobi Ax and the Flame Vent can be superior to a number of different enemies, including some tough early bosses. If you do not know where to look for it, you can walk right past them – and that can make your first few hours in Sekiro a lot more difficult.

Here you must find the three most important prostheses in the first sections of the game and what they are useful for. Do not sleep with this Shinobi prosthetics, or you will make the beginnings of Sekiro much more difficult.

The Firecracker prosthetics are in many cases very practical, especially against animals. You can use it to distract enemies and knock them out of attacking animations, while also opening them up for attacks while they are temporarily stunned. Try firecrackers against the Blazing Bull and Gyoubu, the horse’s general. You need 500 Sen to grab the cracker. So you should save the purses that you find in the first section of the game so you can grab it.

You have to find a particular dealer to catch the cracker. It is located in the Outskirts Wall – Gate Path area, near the staircase that leads to the idol for the Outskirts Wall – Stairway area. Right after you’ve met the woman she thinks is her son, you’ll see a gate and a stairway just beyond. At the top of the stairs is a guy who sees you from afar and shoots at cannonballs. Instead of approaching him, look to the left where you can hold on.

You are now at the foot of a stone tower. Look for more stops until you reach the summit. There you will find a merchant mob tent and a man. He’ll sell you Robert’s firecrackers, which the sculptor can build into your prosthesis in the dilapidated temple.

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