BUFFALO Terastation 5410Dn Desktop review

BUFFALO Terastation 5410Dn Desktop 32 TB NAS Hard Drives Included


Pre-tested NAS class hard drives included – with pre-configured RAID
High Performance Business Class Storage Solution
3 year warranty with 24/7 support in North America
Compatible with Amazon S3, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive
Integrated support for Hybrid Cloud Backup / Private Cloud / iSCSI
10GbE native port / 4GB ECC memory / metal chassis / internal power supply / LCD
32TB – 4 drives included – comes in RAID 5 = 28TB of usable capacity


The perfect entry point for 10 GbE for small and medium-sized businesses
Buffalo specializes in technology solutions for SMB customers, and we see many SMEs want to move to the 10 GbE platform without investing heavily in hardware or needing an IT genius to set up and operate the new platform , We’ve developed the TeraStation 5010 Series to meet these needs and provide a complete data solution for small and medium businesses.

Protect your data
The TeraStation 5010 provides electronic and physical security options, including front-end locking, 128-bit AES drive encryption, encrypted data replication, and Kensington Security Slot.

Integrate third-party cloud backups
TeraStation 5010 simplifies cloud backups with built-in support for one of the leading cloud providers. In this way, you can secure your mission-critical data in an external backup, providing additional protection against data loss.

Replicate data to your own private cloud
The TeraStation 5010 includes data replication capabilities that allow users to create a private cloud backup scenario when connected to another TeraStation. Businesses can enable bidirectional replication so that data is stored externally by each TeraStation.

Prepare the iSCSI backup for Primetime
The TeraStation 5010 is a great iSCSI target for businesses that need extra network storage. The TS5010, used as an iSCSI target for virtualized systems, enables businesses to achieve affordable costs per terabyte of network storage with outstanding throughput rates through native 10 GbE connectivity.

RAID data protection
All TeraStations ship with RAID privacy. This provides redundancy in the event of a drive failure and allows you to rebuild your data after replacing the failed drive.

TeraStations with 2 drives are protected with RAID 1, while TeraStations with 4 drives are equipped with RAID 5. Models with 6 or more drives come with RAID 6.

RAID mirroring and parity reduce the usable capacity of the NAS. However, you can set the TeraStations to RAID 0 to use the full capacity. However, they lose the privacy offered by mirroring and parity.

Hybrid cloud backup
The hybrid cloud approach includes third-party public cloud services where your data is replicated between a Buffalo TeraStation unit and an offsite provider of public cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon S3.

Many companies are implementing hybrid cloud solutions that use both public and private clouds. You’ll be able to keep your local data more secure as it moves from the public cloud to your local storage. If you find the right balance between the two, you can optimize costs, security and control.

Buffalo Data Recovery Service
This product is suitable for the Buffalo data recovery service for simple logical data problems with data that does not affect physically damaged drives. If a drive or array fails, Buffalo offers an evaluation with no shipping costs. If the data can not be recovered, there are no costs.

To receive this service, the device must be registered on our website. Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information.

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