Belkin DuraTek Plus USB-C to USB-A Cable with Strap review

Belkin DuraTek Plus USB-C to USB-A Cable with Strap (Ultra-Strong USB to USB-C Cable/USB Type-C), 4ft


The Belkin Difference: pioneering innovation and technology for over 35 years
10x stronger than traditional iPhone Lightning cables *
Universally compatible with USB-C devices
Made of premium materials for ultimate durability
The flexible strain relief dampens the load due to bending and thus prevents breakage. A snap-on leather strap ensures that the cable is neatly wound and free of entanglements

DuraTek’s advanced durability technology reinforces your cable inside and out to deliver our best ever cable. Available in several lengths, it has a convenient strap that keeps the cable organized so you can find the perfect cable for you. The stylish design fits in any environment, while the strap tidies and keeps the cable clean

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