Thrustmaster VG Thrustmaster F/A 18 Grip Add On – PC review

Thrustmaster VG Thrustmaster F/A 18 Grip Add On – PC


F / A 18 C Hornet Flugstock
“Thrustmaster throws it again with an exquisite replica of the stadium with which every hornet pilot should fly.”

Matt Wagner – DCS World

Realistic. Versatile. Outstanding

the Storey
2 stick
3 stick
4 stick
Officially manufactured by Boeing, this one-to-one replica, modeled after the true F / A-18C Hornet flight stick, is made from industry-grade materials for maximum product life.

The metal structure, which is also inspired by the fighter’s wing, reproduces the original handling sensations for a perfect immersion in games: Now you can finally realistically realize your dream of being a fighter pilot.

With 19 action buttons, including an ultra-realistic 2-stage trigger and a versatile, complementary feature set, the F / A-18C Hornet HOTAS accessory handle allows you to effortlessly control the sky and perform ground-based missions all flight simulation games.

It is also the perfect solution for gamers who want to try space games or classic flying games.

100% native in the DCS world *
Direct native integration with Digital Combat Simulator * via the F / A-18C module lets you enjoy the highest level of ergonomics and gaming comfort for the ultimate in flight experience.

“If you fly with DCS: F / A-18C Hornet and enjoy the ultimate simulation experience, do not wait until you have this joystick in your hands.”

– Matt Wagner

Fully compatible
The F / A-18C Hornet HOTAS accessory handle is compatible with Thrustmaster joystick bases.

Choosing a vintage style is perfect for gamers who want to use the handle with the legendary HOTAS Cougar * Base. For a more modern look, the F / A-18C Hornet HOTAS add-on handle can be used with the HOTAS Warthog * Base (* sold separately).

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