Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Phone with 512GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Phone with 512GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black


Fast charge, long-lasting smart performance and super-fast processing survive anything you throw on 10+ marks.
With the latest evolution of the pen, you have the ability to perform air movements, use a remote trigger and playlist button, and write text in handwriting – all in one wand.
With a full set of pro lenses, super stabilization, live video bokeh and precise audio recording, Note 10+ is a studio in your pocket.
Note 10’s nearly frameless infinity display provides immersive, cinematic quality for everything you’re looking at.


Performance that lasts longer than your day.
A full-time battery that intelligently powers every scrolling, clicking, calling, typing, playlist and season finale you can throw on it.

Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance under typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Results may vary.

Hours of electricity from minutes of charge.
Charge with Superfast Charge and go faster with more juice out the door.

When using the supplied charger and cable.

Storage of a laptop in the pocket.
With generous on-board memory and expandable memory *, you never have to delete what’s important to you.


Immersive, almost frameless cinema display.
The Galaxy Note10 cinematic-quality display offers stunning surrounds and highlights everything you see.

Air gestures, distant photos and manuscripts in a magic wand.
S Pen is a remote control for your device that comes closest to a wand for your smartphone. With air gestures, remote shutter release for perfect photos, precise cropping and editing as well as seamless conversion of handwriting into text.

Command to gesture without touching the phone.
Control playlists, camera shots, and other remote-gesture features on the Galaxy Note10, and then click S Pen.

Realistic depth for perfect video.
The top-of-the-line camera coverage of the Galaxy Note10 includes a Videobokeh for stunning depth in every picture.

Like a first class studio in your pocket.
With a full system of studio lenses in your pocket, you’ll get high-quality photos every time.

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