NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Tri-Band WiFi 6 Add-on Satellite (RBS850) – Works with Your Orbi WiFi 6 Router, add up to 2,500 sq. ft, speeds up to 6Gbps | 11AX Mesh AX6000 WiFi


COMPATIBLE WITH ORBI WIFI 6 SYSTEMS: Works only with Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 systems RBK852, RBK853 or RBR850.
NO MORE DEAD ZONES: Extend your existing Orbi Mesh WiFi 6 system by 250 m2 to avoid dead zones and buffers in hard-to-reach places.
FAST WIRELESS SPEED: AX6000 WiFi 6 allows you to stream HD video, play or surf the web, and download files at up to 6 Gbps.
NAME FOR SINGLE WIFI NETWORK: Move freely inside and outside the home without losing connectivity.
RELIABLE NETWORK: Expand your Orbi Mesh WiFi 6 network that covers every inch of your home with fast, seamless WiFi connectivity – from room to room, wall to wall, floor to floor.
TRI-BAND BACKHAUL: A dedicated band between your Orbi router and the satellite releases the other two bands for maximum speed for your devices.
WIRED ETHERNET PORTS: 4 Ethernet ports provide ultimate flexibility and connectivity for your smart TV, game console, streaming player, and more.
EASY SETUP: With the Orbi app you can easily add another satellite.

Orbi WiFi 6 is a tri-band WiFi system built with the latest and fastest WiFi 6 technology to provide the ultimate smart home experience with incredible WiFi coverage and connection capacity. Make sure that ALL WiFi connections are available anytime and in any room with enough bandwidth for all your devices, multiple 4K / 8K UHD streaming, music for your speakers connected to WiFi, fast online play, intelligent lamps, WiFi security devices and much more are secured. The dedicated quad-stream WiFi 6 backhaul enables instant 4K or 8K video streaming. Ideal for Gigabit and Multi-Gigabit Internet speed services that support download speeds of up to 2.5 Gbit / s. Place the Satellite anywhere in your home to get the gigabit speeds you want.

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