Nikon COOLPIX P950


The COOLPIX P950’s 83x optical zoom covers an incredible focal length range from 24mm wide-angle to 2,000mm super telephoto lenses for animals in the wild, distant landscapes, airplanes and even planets. Dynamic Fine Zoom **, an improved digital zoom that effectively doubles the range to 4,000 mm *, enables an even greater zoom potential. At the other end of the spectrum, macro photography can range up to about 1 cm / 0.4 in. The COOLPIX P950 delivers sharp, clear, and beautiful images – from macro close-ups to extreme telephoto superzoom – in a compact, portable case.

* Equivalent to 35mm format.

** At maximum image size. The maximum zoom ratio varies depending on the image size. The dynamic fine zoom magnification is calculated from the maximum wide-angle position of the optical zoom.

Dual Detect Optical VR for reliable supertele stabilization.
With optical double detection VR (Vibration Reduction), the COOLPIX P950 effectively reduces image blurring caused by blurring from sharp images of distant subjects. In NORMAL mode, images are stabilized so that they can be taken with a shutter speed of 5.5 stops *, the maximum in the history of Nikon compact digital cameras **.

* Based on CIPA standards, measured at approx. 350 mm (corresponds to the 35 mm format).

** As of January 2020.

Excellent optical performance for high image quality.
The advanced optical system of the COOLPIX P950 has a Super ED glass element and effectively reduces chromatic aberration, which dynamically achieves superior image quality. The backlit CMOS image sensor with 16.0 effective megapixels and a sensitivity of up to 6400 ISO enables the recording of clear, sharp images even in dark shooting situations.

Faster AF speed and higher buffer capacity for instantaneous shots.
With the COOLPIX P950, you can trigger two consecutive series in continuous H mode (up to 10 frames * with approx. 7 fps). In combination with faster AF performance at the telephoto end, you can achieve decisive moments and unique photo opportunities.

* 16 megapixels in NORMAL mode. After two continuous shots, the next continuous shooting can be started faster than with the P900, although the number of pictures has been reduced.

Cinematic 4K UHD films.
The COOLPIX P950 can record high-quality 4K UHD / 30p films over its entire zoom range from 24 mm to 2000 mm. In manual film mode, you can control the exposure and aperture settings for film completely as you intended. The AE can also be saved if the ambient brightness changes significantly during movie recording. You can choose the zoom speed even while recording video by selecting one of the three options with the side zoom controls.

RAW (NRW) for still images.
With the support of the RAW file format (NRW), still images can be saved at full resolution, which contain all setting information at the time of recording. In this way, white balance, exposure and COOLPIX image settings can be edited after shooting without affecting the original.

Time-lapse films made easy.
Dynamic time-lapse films of landscapes and more can be created automatically from a series of still images taken with the interval recording. Simply select one of the five motif program options and the most suitable interval will be set automatically.

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