MacBook Pro Charger, AC 85w Power Adapter Magsafe 2 T-Tip Adapter Charger Connector – Superior Heat Control – Mac Book Pro 17/15/13 Inch (After Mid 2012)


Input: AC 100-240 V (worldwide use) 1.5 A, 50-60 Hz; Output voltage: 18.5 V, 4.6 A, 85 W; Note: 85 W charging connector – Magsafe 2 T-shape (second generation Magsafe power supply, not the first generation).
Protective function: Our MacBook Pro chargers are made of the highest quality materials and have numerous intelligent functions to protect against intravenous overheating. CE / FCC / RoHS certified durable cable that remains intact and safe even after numerous bends and charges.
LED display status info: Our Macbook Pro charger has a Magsafe 2 T tip, which ensures that your power cable will detach itself harmlessly under excessive load and prevents the cables from being worn or weakened over time. The magnet also helps guide the connector into the system for a quick and secure connection. A yellow indicator shows that your notebook is charging, while a green indicator shows that you are fully charged.
Service: The 85-watt charger for the MacBook Pro was developed according to strict manufacturing standards. We have always been committed to offering the highest quality Amazon products at unbeatable prices. We believe that our products will bring you a pleasant experience. Boude offers lifelong customer service. The email case will be answered within 24 hours after you send it to us.
Fully compatible: Suitable for your MacBook Pro (13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch). ME294, ME664, ME665, MC975, MC976, MD506, MJLU2, MJLT2, MGXC2, MGXA2.


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