Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids, Heavy Sleeper, Bedroom, Bedside with Sunrise Simulation, Sleep Aid Feature, Dual Alarms, FM Radio, Snooze, Night Light, Daylight, 7 Colors, 7 Natural Sounds


Wake Up Light with sunrise simulation This digital alarm clock from Sleep Aid is suitable for everyone, especially for those who sleep a lot and children. The sunrise simulation light with 7 natural tones is switched on from 10% brightness to 100% 30 minutes before the alarm is set. Awaken naturally.
Dual Alarm Clock & Snooze supported Since you may have to set up different alarms for your family member, we have developed two alarms for you. The snooze feature is specially designed for those who need an additional 9 minutes to start a new day. You just have to press the “snooze” button at the top of the watch to sleep another 10 minutes. Fall asleep up to 5 times.
7-color light and 20 brightness levels adjustable You can select 7 different colors, including blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow and green. Brightness of the 3-stage LED time display and brightness of the 20-stage lighting can be set.
FM radio and 7 alarm tones It is only an FM radio if you press the “Radio” button at the top right to switch it on. Press and hold the “FM Radio” button for 2 seconds to start and automatically scan all stations with a frequency of 76-108 MHz. It’s amazing that you can choose 7 alarm tones to wake you up, such as 16 level volume adjustable.
Night light & bedside lamp It is also a bedside lamp / night light / reading lamp. It will turn into a night / night light / reading lamp as soon as you press the ☀ button on the top left to turn it on. You can also press the “+” / “-” button to adjust the brightness. Soft and warm lighting gives you good vision when you feed your baby, go to the bathroom or read a book at night.


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