Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh White Airflow ATX Mid-Tower w/E-ATX Support, Polygonal Mesh Front Panel, Crystalline Tempered Glass & 3 ARGB Fans w/Controller


The polygonal mesh has a three-dimensional contour and can simultaneously guarantee high air flow and dust filtration. ,
A crystalline tempered glass side panel has a crystalline design designed for both strength and aesthetics.
Three supplied addressable RGB fans provide light to the building and at the same time ensure considerable air circulation.
For enthusiastic level cooling, two 360mm radiators are supported on the top and front to keep the most extreme systems cool.
The support of up to seven 120 mm fans and liquid cooling in the front, top and rear guarantee the highest level of performance.

The E-ATX MasterBox TD500 Mesh White absorbs the power of the airflow and transforms it into an art form. Powered by three pre-installed ARGB fans, the air flow is directed through a geometric and three-dimensional network front to a system that is seen from a crystalline side wall made of tempered glass. The tempered crystal glass side panel was precision machined for robustness and aesthetics by CNC machining. Polygonal mesh is based on Cooler Master’s fine mesh technology while offering high air flow, dust filtration and a reinforced structure. With advanced technology that is firmly anchored in art, the MasterBox TD500 Mesh White reaches the bleeding limit.


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