Fujifilm X-T200 XC15-45mm Kit – Champagne Gold


The X-T200 is equipped with a 16: 9 widescreen LCD touch screen with a variable angle of 3.5 inches, which can be opened and closed between 0 and 180 degrees and rotated between -90 and +180 degrees. It also offers intuitive and responsive control of camera functions and features and can be used to adjust a variety of settings such as brightness, background blur, film simulation effects and aspect ratios.
The use of internal sensor phase detection pixels through the sensor and an improved prediction algorithm means that the focus can be achieved quickly and in a variety of image environments. The updated face / eye detection AF allows quick and easy focus on individuals or groups of people. This is possible even when the camera’s LCD monitor is displayed and used to take a selfie. With automated functions such as recognition of the main subject, the camera can be configured so that a main subject is recognized and tracked within the frame. In combination with a burst mode of 8 frames per second, important moments with the right people are certainly easier to capture, focus and immortalize.
Fujifilm’s heritage in the science of color has given him a legendary status among image makers around the world. During its 85 years in the industry, the company was responsible for some of the most famous photographic films in history. This extraordinary knowledge was introduced in the 11 digital film simulation modes installed in X-T200. The images created with these movie simulations convey the appearance of the movies that inspired them. This is an important component for creating creative images. In addition, 20 advanced filters, including the new Clear Filter, offer image creators even more creative options if they want to express themselves artistically.
The new electronic stabilization mode and HDR video, as well as the basic internal editing functions, allow the X-T200 not only to create beautiful 4K videos, but also to provide stable, crisp and custom designed videos for the whole family and friends. The addition of a gyro sensor forms the heart of the new electronic stabilization mode and helps reduce the effects of camera shake when recording video sequences. The new HDR video function makes capturing images in high contrast situations much easier and convenient, while the video editing functions on the camera allow you to trim and adjust the size of clips before releasing them. This means that developers can transfer the perfect clip from a super slow motion clip or the best part of their 4K footage directly from the camera to their smartphone without having to open a computer!


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