8Bitdo Zero 2 Bluetooth Gamepad(Turquoise Edition) – Nintendo Switch


I’ve been waiting for this device since it was first announced in June 2018, and I can’t believe it took more than 18 months to finally reach the market. I had 2 of the original zero controllers; one of them would not match anything even after a restart, so I discarded it and ordered one of them as a new partner.
I loaded it first. When the battery is almost discharged, it only consumes about 200 mA and slows down to about 40 mA once it is fully charged in less than an hour.
That looks and feels and works just like Zero 1.
The order of the buttons has been set to match that of a normal SNES controller (button labels are reversed at zero 1 in my attached image).
The bracelet has also been transformed from a typical fabric strap into a rigid but elastic silicone (both shown).
I tested this device on two Android devices (Moto X4, Google Pixel C). Pairing is much easier now. The 8bitdo application is not required.
I set up the new Zero 2 and my old Zero 1 in emulators and tried some NES and SNES games for 2 players and they worked well together.
My only drawback is the same as I have for Zero 1, and I am sad that it has not yet been solved for this model: there is no on / off switch or housing. This means that the controller can be turned on when it finds something that is in transit. I boarded a plane several times and took out these drivers to play a little. Only to discover that the batteries were empty, although he hadn’t used them much since the last charge. There are plans on the Internet to print your own case in 3D, but I haven’t used them yet.
It is not as good for games as a normal controller, but it is difficult to overcome portability.


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