First, we have to know what is a Carpal Tunnel and how it affects your precious hand. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in the palm of your wrist that is made up of bones and ligaments. The median nerve, which controls the perception and movement of the thumb and the first three fingers, crosses this passage, along with the tendons of the fingers and thumb. Check my 10 best mouse for carpal tunnel.

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse, Acedada Rechargeable 2.4G USB Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


I have this for my best friend. She had a car accident and her hand was seriously injured. She works in an insurance office and the pain in her hands always hurts when she uses a mouse. I saw that and said I have to buy it. It is very bright, you can adjust the speed, it is comfortable for the hand position and it is charged with USB (that was an advantage). You can spend your money on trial and error and you will not be disappointed. If it works for you, you can ask for better quality in the future!

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse


 I love it and how it works. I have NOT experienced some of the problems discussed by other reviews. I work a LOT with these (and other) mice, so I’ll give it a good workout. A certain button on ALL OF THEM. The inner spring is released (I think). It will work, but I have to try harder. Usually, it is not enough for a good copy. I started to disassemble the device to find the spring and check if I could tighten it. The device must not be disassembled for repair. I called Logitech and they checked. So, it takes me 1-2 years for me and then I have to buy another one. Very sad for a great company like Logitech. Today I tried to contact Logitech to see if they improved this model. His “chat” sessions never opened (I waited 15 minutes). I tried to communicate by phone. They offered a phone number to call. This number referred me to another number. This number indicates that they no longer monitor the number. So go to your website (where the chat does not work). Of course, I am less impressed. I still like the design and feel of this mouse whenever it is new, so there are 5 stars until it breaks. Depending on the use, you can get 1 to 2 years. Then it is almost useless. Plan to buy it again and again if you like it, since there is nothing more similar in the market.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse


Left / right click: the new model requires a little less force to click, probably because it is not as “vertical” as the previous model, but the difference is really insignificant. Scroll wheel: I am tempted to say that both models have exactly the same scroll wheel with different mounts and there is a small and a big difference. The small difference is that the wheel of the new model is inserted more deeply into the mouse than in the previous model (see the images I uploaded). The big difference is that the scroll wheel of the previous model needs much more power to click than that of the new model. When I use the previous model, I have often noticed that when I pressed the scroll wheel, I was missing or accidentally moved, but this is very natural with the new model.

DPI switch: the previous model outperforms the new model in terms of location and key quality. With the previous model, all you have to do is use your thumb to use the DPI (and the button should not be overlooked), while the new model is a small button behind the scroll wheel. This should not be a problem unless you continue using the switch. Forward / reverse buttons: these are completely different in the two devices. The buttons of the new model cannot even be compared with those of the previous model. Only a small amount of pressure is required to use them; It is so easy that you can click on the forward button with the tip of your thumb and click on the reverse button with the internal knuckle of the thumb without trying. On the other hand, the new model requires more power, but it is not “too much” power, so you don’t have to pay attention to the buttons when you have your thumb on them and you don’t have to press too much.

This may be the article I received, so I “marked” this difference. The back button of the new model feels weak and is ready to break. It seems that some type of spring is pressing the button, but this spring is not in the middle, so one side can be pressed much more than the other. This gives the button a “cheap” feeling. Shape: as someone who prefers to rest his hand on his mouse than to hold his hand in a certain position, the shape of the new model dominates that of the previous model. Frankly, because the new model does not have the pointed edge. Without the pointed edge, there are many more ways to hold the mouse so you can easily find a comfortable position. Apart from that, the new model is also slippery and does not have a small break (disappointing), but it is still much more comfortable than the previous model.

Ergonomic Mouse, Vertical Wireless Mouse


Unfortunately, I developed a repeated stress injury, mainly through the use of a magic / powerful apple mouse 40 hours a week for more than a year or so. (They are terrible on your wrist, promote poor wrist posture and can overwhelm your index finger muscles with the touchpad). The main culprit that prevented me from resting those muscles so they could heal was this damn mouse, but I was not wanting to have a week off, I quickly bought this mouse, the most ergonomic I could find and that is rechargeable.

The build quality is excellent for good price, no problems so far, it moves smoothly on a nice mouse pad, it can be used while charging and, best of all, this mouse does not cause discomfort or pain! If it still takes two weeks, I will buy a second one, simply because I can’t live without a mouse in my professional graphics career. This makes working with Photoshop brushes much easier. If you are a professional who uses Photoshop or Illustrator, click thousands of times a day, retouch product photography or design graphics; Then you should have the healthiest ergonomic tools to avoid simple loads and injuries in the office. So buy this mouse.

Wireless Vertical Mouse, Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse


Performance: the mouse works great. This is not an exageration. The setup could not be easier: just plug in the receiver, turn on the mouse and go! The follow-up is excellent and works very well. The keys are very quiet, but they feel tactile. I also like the forward and reverse buttons because they make navigation much easier. Overall, the performance is excellent.

Comfort: this mouse does exactly what it should do. Put your hand in a much healthier position. Originally I thought it would take a while to get used to it, but I was wrong. The moment I started using it, I felt much more natural. The mouse has a perfect shape for the hand and feels wonderful. No more wrist pain!

In general, I have absolutely no problem with this mouse. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a mouse to help relieve wrist pain when it works properly. A must for everyone!

LINGSFIRE Memory Foam Mouse 


I have no doubt that this would be a good product for most mouse users. However, if you use an ergonomic “vertical” mouse like me, it only causes more pain and discomfort. Clearly, these are only intended for users of “flat” mice that, ironically, can cause a carpal tunnel. One of the reasons why I opted for a mouse “vertical” suitable for the wrist. I had used a wrist rest for years and decided to try something different. Unfortunately, this type of rest does not work a bit with those who use cheap vertical mice. I also don’t know if it was just me, but the device seemed very small, as if it were made for people with smaller hands. Just an observation.

Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse


As a cartoonist who uses all day every day, I occasionally feel intense pain in the wrist. I am still using the same mouse that came with my Dell computer about 12 years ago. Of course, the computer was replaced by newer machines several times, but the new mice that came with them were always too small for my hand and never felt good. So I used “old reliable” again and again. A colleague of mine has the anchor mouse and likes it. It seemed a pretty intriguing idea: the vertical mouse.  I thought I had nothing to lose except the pain in my wrist. When I arrived, I took him to work, threw the old Dell aside and put it away. The drivers were loaded immediately and I started working with them. After overcoming the initially awkward feeling, I was quickly impressed. It fit my hand like a glove and became very intuitive. However, my only compliance became evident quite quickly. When moving in a drawing, considerable pressure is required to press the scroll wheel. This is a big problem for me because I zoom in and move all the time. After a day and a half, my wrist started to hurt again, so I went back to old Dell and the pain disappeared. At first, I thought the problem could be simply that the button seemed to be more difficult to press, since the vertical orientation requires the user to press instead of simply pressing against the table’s resistance. I think this could be a factor that makes it worse, but I have confirmed that there is a big difference between the two mice in the resistance of the scroll wheel. Perhaps the old Dell is so worn that the button presses more easily than before. However, ultimately, the anchor causes pain that can be easily eliminated by reducing tension on the scroll wheel. I intend to continue using the anchor intermittently, hoping it will break and take less pressure. By the way, the pins on the scroll wheel are great. There are certain positive notches that allow precise scrolling and zooming, but without effort. The problem occurs when panning. I will try to update this review since I use it more frequently. Otherwise, it is a very good and comfortable mouse.

Nulaxy 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


Mice are not strange to me, but vertical mice are strange to me. I am currently using some big brands and very expensive mice. My wrist and hand are getting tired, so I wanted to try a vertical without spending a lot of money. I met this guy and it was very cheap. So far I am quite impressed! Standard 2x AAA and a nano USB receiver that can be stored in the battery compartment if desired. The fit and workmanship seem to be very good.

Left and right click Middle click on the scroll wheel to start scrolling with the mouse
Back and forth near your thumb
Finally, DPI just below the scroll wheel, which has 3 levels to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the mouse. I have to say that it feels quite natural to “grab” this and use it. I have big hands and it suits me very well. The placement of the buttons is quite correct. The only thing I would like to do would be a crest line on which my little finger could rest, but it is no big deal.

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse


I am looking for a new mouse that is ergonomic and compact enough for me, a difficult task. This is a really nice mouse that is worth 100% of the money if it fits in your hand. Unfortunately it is too big for me. The side of my palm cannot rest on the surface of the desk / wrist rest and still reach the buttons. I liked it enough to try to understand it a little differently (higher) to be able to reach all the buttons, but after a week I realized that it would cause me pain in the long run. So, it goes back just for this reason. It is very beautiful, has a great non-slip texture and is very comfortable to hold. So sad that there is no smaller version, but like most things, it is a “one size fits all” that excludes those outside the 95 percent.

J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse 


After the other wireless version of J-tech failed due to water ingress, I thought about trying the wired version because it looked a little different. At first glance, they are very different. The wire version is much more like holding a round tube in my hand and it seems more natural. The wireless version becomes steeper and seems to prevent your hand from sliding up. The wireless version has horizontal ribs that I am not a fan of, and I think this is an answer to your hand possibly sliding. The wired version gets bigger at the top and your little finger sits directly under the right mouse button. This way you can control if you lift it a bit to move it. I felt a little slow with the wireless model and immediately felt more comfortable with the wired model. The wired model I got comes with a blue LED that you can turn on or off. Fit and ready at first glance, I think the wired version is a bit more stable, well made and can be a bit heavier (which is good). I hope these helpers choose between wireless and cable because I didn’t know there would be a big difference between the models.


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