Playstation VR Bundle Five Game Pack 


Discover a new world of games. Your heart will accelerate. Your pupils will dilate. Your instincts will intervene and take control when you discover new worlds. This new package includes a PS VR headset, a PS camera and coupons for five fantastic and popular VR games that offer a variety of worlds to explore and experience. The ASTRO Bot rescue mission is waiting for you: this critically acclaimed epic platform player was developed exclusively for Playstation VR and takes you on an adventure through space on 20 unique levels while walking through the city skyline, the lush jungle , the dark and golden caves The sandy beaches run and jump. Skyrim VR: As an open-world virtual reality game from Bethesda Games Studios, this epic title offers an unprecedented sense of scalability, depth and immersion while fighting ancient dragons, exploring rugged mountains and much more. Biohazard of Resident Evil 7: the horror of survival has never been so intense. In this exciting first-person game, you can explore high-risk battles, puzzles, object management and a realistic and tense environment. Everybody’s Golf VR: enter the field like never before playing in three incredible courses with advice from your own caddy, practicing the green or playing on the driving range to perfect your swing and much more! Playstation VR Worlds: get ready for a trip through five unique PS VR experiences, from nose to nose with a great white shark, to crawl through decaying envelopes, weave in the approaching traffic, survive a futuristic sport or participate in a difficult thriller of rich gangsters in London.

The package contains a Playstation VR headset, a Playstation camera, a 3.0 demo CD, coupons for: ASTRO Bot Rescue Mission, Jedermanns Golf VR, Playstation VR worlds, Skyrim VR and Resident Evil 7
The Playstation VR target controller is compatible with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.
The Playstation Dual Shock-Wireless-Controller, the Playstation Move-Motion-Controller, the Playstation Gold-Wireless-Headset and the Playstation Platinum-Wireless-Headset are equipped with ASTRO Bot Rescue-Mission, Everybody’s Golf VR and Playstation VR- Compatible Worlds .


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