Razer huntsman elite vs Blackwidow Elite Keyboards

Razer BlackWidow Elite


I got this keyboard for the first time in March 2019 and I am currently using it to type. And man, man, all I have to say about this keyboard is a good thing. It is very durable and is made of a hard metal, which prevents the board from bending. The board feels so high quality and clean. The green Razer changes the sound so well against the metal back plate, by far my favorite click on the keyboard. And that’s just the beginning, RGB lighting is very bright and looks like a feast for the eyes. In addition, there is a software called Razer Synapse 3, with which you can change your lighting effects according to your ideas. The possibilities are literally endless! And if you thought that this keyboard could not be better than yours, then it has a headphone jack and a USB connector on the left side of the board. and a headphone jack to use the headphone jack on the keyboard. This keyboard also has multimedia keys and the main selling point is the multimedia dial located at the top right of the keyboard. By default, control the volume for which I use it, but you can change it however you want in Razer Synapse 3. Add to that the most comfortable doll of all! This is undoubtedly the most underrated keyboard in Razer.


Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard



So far, this keyboard was fine. Definitely not worth the price. The reason I give this star is because of the shamelessly misleading product and marketing information regarding the on-board storage function. Basically, you can’t save lighting profiles in keyboard memory, because they make you believe. If you work on a Mac or PC without Razer Synapse 3 software infested with spyware, the annoying standard effect of color cycle lighting remains.

You can’t even set a static color. A Razer technician who worked on this keyboard has stated in the Razer support forums that it is reducing internal memory lighting due to vague complications with the use of RAM under complex lighting profiles and compatibility with older keyboards. have. I can understand the hardware limitations, but the compatibility claims are weak. According to the engineers, the integrated memory only extends to the macro function. That most people will not use anyway.

However, marketing clearly allows you to assume that your entire profile is stored in internal memory. Quote from this store page “HYBRID STORAGE AND CLOUD STORAGE: access to custom settings everywhere”. Let’s be realistic here. This is a problem that most users do not have. I am sure that most of you will accept the installation of the Synapse software and the need to open an account (while providing your personal information to Razer). But those who only want simple static lighting or very simple lighting functions have no luck.



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