What is Comcast? It is the largest cable television company, the second-largest Internet service provider and the third-largest telephone company in the United States. Now, these the leading modem or router in the market right now that is solely for Comcast.

MOTOROLA 24×8 Cable Modem


I have Xfinity Performance Pro, which is rated for 150 MB / s down and 5 MB / s up. I used the Arris SB6141 modem that has 8 channels down x 4 channels up, an excellent modem, no problems, but the maximum speed is 120 MB / s down and 5 MB / s up. I thought what the hell I could get the speed I’m paying for, so I bought the Motorola SB7621, which has 24 download channels x 8 upload channels. The Internet speed is now 180 MB / s lower and 6 MB / s higher with a 19 ms ping. I am happy to get the speed I am paying now. Yes, the loading speed has not changed significantly, but that is because xfinity does not offer 8-channel support in my region. This means that although this modem supports 8 channels, it only shows 4 active channels when you log in.

However, this is not the modem’s fault. This is due to xfinity. The download channels are fine, all 24 channels are displayed and they are active. Yes, I could have bought a 16-channel modem and a 4-channel modem and got the same current speeds, but at the time of purchase, this modem was smaller or the same size as all 16 x 4 modems. Motorola, I can improve my internet speed and I’m still sure. Another good thing is that this modem has the Broadcom chipset, not the Intel Puma.

The modem comes with good instructions and is well packaged. The setup was very easy. I did not have to call xfinity. All I did after connecting the modem to my PC was to navigate to motorola.com, which opened the xfinity activation page. Then, simply log in with your xfinity access data and follow the instructions. Very easy and welcome because I didn’t want to call xfinity support.

MOTOROLA MT7711 24X8 Cable Modem/Router


The easiest installation I’ve seen. Simply connect it to the cable line and turn it on. My PC immediately opened the Xfinity website and I just entered my Comcast username and password. I got back online in a few minutes. DONE! My download speed increased from 250 to 295 mbs! On the one hand, it is much easier to reconnect all peripheral devices (computer, iPad, Nest, etc.) if you use the same name and password as in your previous Wi-Fi network.

The best was when I returned my previous modem to Comcast. While waiting in line, I heard the cashier tell another customer that the current modem rents are $ 11 and will increase to $ 13 on January 1 (Bonus !!! I will get my new modem faster back). Then, when I go ahead to return my modem, the cashier scans it and asks me where my new modem is so they can register it. I told them that it was already connected and working, including the telephone line. She starts telling me that without registering as soon as I remove my current modem, I will lose all connectivity in the house because the new modem is not yet registered. I assure you it has worked well in the last 5 days, but keep asking me if I want to return your modem, which I do.

They give me a receipt and paper with instructions on how to call Comcast to register the modem if it stops working. Once you get home, the modem will continue to work well without you having to call and register. I understand that Comcast wants to steal every penny from its customers, even when it comes to borrowing equipment, and even tries to scare me to keep their modem and pay them for it.

MOTOROLA 8×4 Cable Modem, Model MB7220


He bought this used as new and it works perfectly. I have a comcast and I DID NOT want to pay these good people a monthly rent. When you go to your website you will see compatible modems and only the very expensive ones will be displayed. However, if you scroll down, you will see all the other modems with which they are compatible.

The same applies if you use the company’s website, you can see all other modems that work with your service. Many of the most expensive modems are designed for really fast Internet speeds that are unnecessary for the vast majority of consumers. This can reach 300 Mbps … my Internet is the basic package, so we get 25 Mbps, which is not a problem.

Do yourself a favor and buy a router separately for two reasons: 1) I found that it is much cheaper than any 2-in-1 modem / router combination, but I can simply change your modem



Current configuration: I have an Xfinity Internet connection with Performance Pro enabled. With the Xfinity modem I constantly get more than 160 Mbit / s.

I received this modem with a one-day delivery and successfully connected it to Xfinity. Installation and configuration were easy and the speed was 40-60 Mbit / s. With more devices (2 phones, 2 laptops and televisions), the speed was dramatically reduced.

Therefore, this is a good product if your current Internet speed is between 40 and 50 Mbit / s. However, if you are used to more than 100 Mbit / s, this is not for you.

NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6250


NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi Cable Modem Router + Voice (24×8) AC1900 DOCSIS 3.0 | For Xfinity Internet and voice services (C7100V-1AZNAS). I don’t really qualify the AC1900. I bought this modem / router / phone to replace my Comcast device that I have been renting for $ $ / month for 3 years.

I received configuration instructions from the Netgear AC1900. Call Comcast Technical Support to determine if the device appears in a customer account and cannot be activated. It is a pity that you have sold a used device to Amazon as new and at new retail prices. The next day I bought the same device for $ $ more … I went through the same configuration and it worked perfectly … my wifi download speeds are double that of the Comcast device. The device is excellent … paying for a used device at NEW sale prices is a bad deal and I couldn’t activate it. !!! When buying items, options other than Amazon are considered.

ARRIS Surfboard (16×4) Docsis 3.0


He bought the Arris SBG10 due to the increase in the price of the Comcast Internet service and the increase in modem leasing. I chose the Arris SBG10 because the Comcast modem is Arris and worked for 1 year without any problems. I also got a good price for the SBG10 and the ratio of 1 star to 5 star ratings was good.

The installation forced me to register online using my cell phone or call Comcast to activate the modem, and didn’t seem to be accessing the internet alone. After I registered and connected online, I tried various speed test sites. The SBG10 showed no difference in latency or download / upload speed than the Comcast modem. I checked different hours and days at regular intervals, so far it works perfectly.

I’ve only had the device for a week, so we’ll see how long it takes, but so far it has been excellent. AS AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: I have found a number of negative reviews for Arris product models other than me. These “low star” ratings are included in all Arris products, which is misleading. A good product has the same rating as a bad product because it has the same manufacturer and the same general function.It’s like saying that all Fords are rubbish because of the poor view of Edsel. Just an additional thought about the reviews.

MOTOROLA MG7315 8×4 Cable Modem Plus N450 Single Band


I spent hours searching for modems / routers to replace my Comcast unit. I have paid at least six in the last 5 years.
After reading the details of EACH “approved” and “compatible” device that met Comcast requirements, I chose Motorola. I chose this model because each grade “4” was no different from the grade “5”, and most grades “1” and “2” were stupid answers. I didn’t see the need to buy the top model, so I chose this model because it was closed at the top and was for sale for a checp price.¬†
I received it today, a Sunday as I promised, I called it Comcast and gave it the S / N and the MAC. I just turned on the coaxial cable, the 2 ethernet cables, plugged in the power and voila! I was running about 3-5 minutes after Comcast activated it.
The most exciting thing is that everything is much faster with the new device!

NETGEAR Gigabit Cable Modem


I bought this modem after upgrading my Internet service through Xfinity to 1 Gigabit Internet, which is supposed to deliver 970 Mbit / s down at the top end. Since the modem was first started, I have only received approximately 300 Mbit / s and approximately 30 Mbit / s. The highest I reached was 477.97 Mbit / s and 41.77 Mbit / s, as recorded on July 4 at 1:44 a.m. CST, when traffic on the shared Internet connection was lower,

Finally, I managed to confirm that this is a known problem, through the numerous support publications of the Netgear Forum on the slow Internet for this modem model (it applies to all modems of the Netgear CM1000 series). No solution is currently documented. I even tried to change the scan start frequency manually in the modem settings, but this did not change the recorded speeds.

Linksys High Speed DOCSIS


Great modem I’m not a player and I don’t see any problem to stream movies, YouTube or whatever on ROKU. The decoration was very simple. Xfinity opened directly when I turned my computer back on and activated it directly online. The modem automatically restarts and the online operation starts. I gave Comcast my serial number and my MAC address in the store when I returned the modem. No loss of speed, so good so far.

MOTOROLA 16×4 Cable Modem


This review is written the same day I received the modem. Therefore, do not rely on this qualification for long-term impressions. The configuration process was successful and the modem is working correctly. I get the speeds I pay as before. I bought the modem because my provider is updating its network. When the updates are complete, I need a 16-channel modem to keep my current plan with the new speeds they will offer. I wanted to write this review to provide some useful information to other users who consider this model, since I wish I had documented it for the newer modems before buying.

First is the heat generated by the device. I attached a photo taken with a thermal imager, which shows the modem after 2 hours of operation. It reads 111 degrees Fahrenheit at the hottest point. (Approx. 44 degrees Celsius) This means that the modem feels warm but not hot.

I also measured the modem’s power consumption when I was idle with a Kill-A-Watt device. This is the case when the modem is connected to the network and some devices are connected through a router and some connections are open but there are no downloads or active transmissions. The average idle consumption is 7.7 watts.


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