Keyboards for gaming is a commodity now for gamers like me. In this article, I will write my experience with these two Corsair k68 vs k70.



I fell in love with the Cherry MX Reds for the first time after buying the K66 (Without lights). Then I tried the K68 (RGB with protection against dust and overflow) and there is an obvious difference. The acting force in the K66 felt lighter. The K68 FELT becomes heavier when pressed down. What I know about the K66 keyboard is the ease of pressing the keys and listening to the addictive sound you get from the red tones. Not with the K68 … nothing nice. The cover muffles the sound and ruins the experience for all lovers of mechanical keyboards. According to the reviews, the keys should not interfere with the rubber cover. It is probably better if you get used to not putting your drink next to the keyboard … and you simply choose the spill / dust resistant version.

corsair k68 vs k70


It is much better than my previous k / m configuration (which was a Logitech wireless combo for 30 k / m). I have never used a Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard or a mechanical keyboard, but this is a dream for gaming and fast typing. I originally wanted this keyboard for a couple of functions: red backlit keys, pass through USB and media control. But I discovered that this is also leaps and bounds in terms of usability. Some notes below:

– For those of you who are familiar with mechanical keyboards, this is probably not a surprise, but MX Red linear key switches require very little force to register a keystroke, which makes the games much better. I used to play almost exclusively with a gamepad because I hated k / m, but it turned out that I just didn’t have the right keyboard or mouse. Simply registering a keystroke means that you must be careful when typing, as it is easier to make typos, but with a little practice you can type quickly.

-The key replacement for FPS (WASD) and MOBA (I don’t remember because I don’t play MOBA) is a nice touch. They have contoured and structured surfaces so that they are easy to touch when touched and make playing a little more intuitive. The space bar also has texture.

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