Corsair k70 is one of the leading keyboards in the market right now also very popular for gamers. corsair Strafe, on the other hand, let’s see what she got! In this blog, I will write corsair strafe vs k70 my ultimate experience.



This keyboard is great, one of the best keyboards I’ve had. It is quite heavy and very solid. It is about 4 pounds versus probably not even 1 pound for cheaper keyboards.It is not as “clicky” as most mechanical keyboards. The space bar feels good.

CameS with
– MOBA / FPS keys (also has the same texture feeling as the space bar)
-Keycap shooter
I use the WADS buttons to play Overwatch, but it works great for any FPS game. ANY OTHER KEYBOARD, before buying it, the key letters worn out, sometimes in a few days, especially the WADS. I will monitor them and keep up with my results.

Advantages: it looks great!
The keys feel great, they are also silent.
Access to a USB port on the top of the keyboard.
Looks great! (I have the red one to match my computer, speakers and headphones)
The keyboard has a USB port through which you can connect a mouse, a wireless mouse receiver or a charger. I use it to charge my phone.


the matte finish shows fingerprints. However, it is not enough to eliminate a star.There are no volume keys (except the function keys of the F keys), but a separate volume key would have been nice.

corsair strafe vs k70

Corsair K70


It was my first mechanical keyboard and I was impressed by the improvement I offered on the low profile scissor switches I used. However, there are some drawbacks that I would like to discuss now, since I have had this keyboard for almost a year and a half. I also had to go through the Corsair RMA process when the spacebar began to stop working properly.

– Solid construction, which includes a beautiful brushed aluminum back plate.
-Authentic Cherry MX switches.
– Many functions, including a very satisfactory volume control and additional game buttons for FPS and MOBA games.
-Bright background light
-iCue works well to assign lighting patterns and macros, although I hope they allow double layer macros.
-Font looks good on this keyboard, but it’s not for everyone.

– The keys are made of ABS plastic and not PBT. Over the course of a year it began to shine.
-Not RGB if that is important to you
– The space bar began to double the space and showed some other strange behavior that led me to the RMA of the product.

The overall RMA experience was quite enjoyable. I sent a ticket through the Corsair website and described the problem. My ticket was accepted and I sent my keyboard to Corsair. I paid around $ 25 for that because it went from the east coast to California. I also chose the cheapest shipping option and it took 14 full days to arrive. Processing from there only took about a week. Corsair decided to send a completely new keyboard instead of sending me the old and outdated one. This seems to me a victory, but I really hope that the other does not end up in a landfill somewhere and somehow be recycled or renovated.

In total, it took about 3 weeks to get a replacement keyboard. It is not terrible. However, I am quite disappointed that the spacebar has failed after only one year. The replacement they sent me also seems to have a problem by occasionally adding additional storage space (possibly less than 0.05% of the time). I am not sure why this phenomenon exists, but I have heard that it is not uncommon with Corsair K70. I hope the problem doesn’t go as far as my old K70.


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