Corsair K70 


Good keyboard if you need sensitivity. Bad keyboard if you are a typist who plays the keys. This keyboard responds very well. Too sensitive Are you a typist who lies lightly on the keys with your fingers? You will enter unwanted characters. The switches are too sensitive and this will be the most expensive keyboard you will ever have.

It is probably fine for typists who hunt and peck and only touch the keys when they are pricked with a finger. The rest of you avoid this unless you want to feel so frustrated that you are hit regularly with your fists. I bought it for a range where speed and accuracy are critical. GREAT ERROR You will press the keys you don’t want again.



This would result in some keys generating a multiple of themselves when pressed. The keyboard was returned for a replacement keyboard and behold, the same problem occurred immediately on the new keyboard. It is very clear that these keyboards are made of lower parts and are sold well above their real value. This trend seems to affect all new Corsair products, including the H150i, which was replaced by Corsair 6x in one year and is no longer used in my version. Currently I cannot recommend Corsair products if they are made in such poor quality. Save yourself the trouble of having to send it for repair all the time and look for a keyboard that has at least a shelf life within the warranty. These keyboards do not seem to survive even with moderate use.

While the keyboard itself feels at least mediocre, the software is absolute crap. I still haven’t activated the software while I play. The iCue application continues to fail and sometimes blocks the entire system or terminates in a BSoD. Software deactivation will fix the crash. The cause of all this? The way iCue monitors system information. After investigating my mistake, I discovered that other people are experiencing this problem, and Corsair has indicated that this is due to the sensor reading methods they use. In my case, I didn’t have any third-party monitor software that I could disable, so all the solutions offered by Corsair were unusable. Corsair seems to go

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