A persistent problem for Chromebook fans was the generally underutilized hardware for users who are really busy on their computers. Once a dozen tabs are opened with half a dozen extensions, many Chromebooks can decrease significantly. So far, the only option available has been the 1000 pixel PC, which is a good PC but goes well beyond the budget for this type of device.

Acer has identified the Chromebook gaps in the market and has solved almost everything in this extremely solid offer: a thin, metallic case that almost resembles a Mac with 4 GB of RAM, a 14-inch HD screen and a four-CPU Cores It is equipped. Even the touchpad and keyboard work just as well as today’s best Chromebooks (which, as I said, were manufactured by Dell and Samsung). and quickly became my computer, both at home and at work.

If you’re new to Chromebooks, this Acer device and the O.S. In general, these are real instant computers that are integrated extremely securely and narrowly into Google’s suite of tools and applications. Everything that runs in a Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop computer runs on a Chromebook, and there are new extensions similar to applications for almost everything else (calculator applications, command lines, etc.). You can give everyone a Chromebook for an office. The environment will be available when you log in and will disappear when you log out. Computers can also be managed remotely if you are a Google Apps customer.

For home users, these economical devices are suitable for many uses, from occasional navigation and two-screen viewing to watching videos and calling family members. They are ideal for older parents and in-laws who can infect other computers with malware, since Chromebooks are much harder to damage than a Windows 7/8/10 PC. Extended battery life and automatic cloud integration make synchronization for students and street fighters very easy, especially if you use an access point from your phone. And like many other Chromebooks, this Acer also offers some additional gifts, such as 100 GB of hard disk space, Google Music and a dozen go-go passes in the air (worth more than $ 100 alone).

As a 5 year old Chromebook veteran, I was waiting for this device. It presupposes the basic requirement of the simplicity and security of Chrome O.S and combines it with high quality hardware at an affordable price. From the camera and audio quality to the design, every aspect of this PC has been carefully reviewed and is the best Chromebook ever delivered

Asus Chromebook


Overall, the Asus Chromebook C425 is a unique discovery when it comes to the Chromebook market. Usually, you see more aesthetic features (narrow profile, touch screen, 360 degree rotation) and less computing power at this price. However, this is really the opposite. This model gives you better computing performance (required for large applications such as video editing, data computing, etc.) with less aesthetic features. If you want a Chromebook with more processing power, this is an excellent option at an excellent price. If you are looking for something more elegant and flashy, there are alternative Chromebooks on the market for the same price.

automatic update:
With Chromebooks, you won’t receive updates forever (like a phone). Updates will no longer be transferred to your Chromebook, depending on when it was launched and not purchased. The automatic expiration date for updates to this Chromebook is June 2024.

If you are overwhelmed with the configuration of a new computer, you will love it. It’s as simple as unpacking, turning on and creating or signing in to an existing Google account. After some automatic updates, it was ready to use in 3-4 minutes. Some demo videos will guide you through the various functions so you can simply sit back and relax.

Start / open applications:
Starting the laptop from hibernation or turning it on only took a few seconds. It keeps up with a lot of modern technology. It took about 3 seconds from the beginning. It only took 1.5 seconds of sleep. Opening applications took a little more than 1 second.

See and feel:
This Chromebook has a very general aesthetic. The upper part is made of aluminum, while the lower part is made of plastic. It is comparable to many laptops in department stores. The profile is narrow, but it is a bit thicker in Chromebooks with narrow profiles. In general, it looks modern and new, but it will not impress anyone with its appearance.

The screen resolution is typical of the price. It has a matte surface on the screen that is ideal for reducing glare. The screen has the typical resolution of 1920 x 1080. I would describe the resolution as clear but not sharp. The thin bezel (edge) makes the screen look big and impressive. It is comparable to most screens today.

This has good sound quality and clarity. At maximum volume, this can fill a small room, but it sounds quiet in a medium-sized room. The speakers are at the bottom of the Chromebook. Sounds even better if you use headphones.

The keyboard layout is slightly different from laptops, which for me is the biggest daily difference with a Chromebook. Most of the keys in the top row (“F” keys) have been replaced by quick-function keys that increase brightness, volume, etc. The Caps Lock key has been replaced by a key that opens a search menu. If you prefer the Caps Lock key, you can access the settings and change the function of the keys. It is easy.

The backlit keyboard looks very sharp. It has a good luminosity in the dark. However, I find that the letters of the individual keys are difficult to read during the day when they are illuminated by the backlight, since they are clear. You can change the backlight by pressing and holding the Alt + brightness keys on the screen up or down. Switching from side to side depending on the lighting you are in is a bit annoying, but it is not a decisive factor.

I spent an average of 10 to 11 hours between surfing the Internet, transmitting, working on documents, etc.

I subscribed to 4 or 5 of the most popular streaming services. I had no problems with buffering or delayed loading times. As soon as I clicked on a video or movie, it was broadcast completely without any problem or delay. Of course, this also depends on the Internet connection used.

Browse the internet:
I surfed the Internet with the Chrome browser already installed and I had no problems or failures. More than 10 tabs could be opened at the same time and it was still very fast.

Documents, tables, slides, etc.
Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are preinstalled on the Chromebook and can be used for free. They are compatible with all my existing documents and spreadsheets. I can also use these applications offline, which is ideal for traveling or working outdoors. I


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