Asus zenbook


Outstanding laptop With the 8th generation Core i5, it’s a pleasure to use this for everything (heck, I played a damn 8K video and a 4K video at the same time and it hasn’t lost any frames yet), while the battery life is absolutely It’s great The chassis is sturdy and very light. There really isn’t much to complain about. If you are looking for a lightweight, high quality and powerful ultrabook, this is the one for you.

My only criticism was that the screen seemed to have a certain shade of green, which compared to the calibrated screen of my phone or the Samsung Chromebook Pro I tried for a while, was very surprising. I also only increased the saturation by +5 and the screen now looks great, very similar to my little Pixel 2, which is very well calibrated. The only advice is to uninstall ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Utility, because for some reason Intel Graphics Settings does not allow you to stay after sleeping or restarting, probably because they both have calibration options and are in conflict with each other.

If the screen is fixed, this is 10/10. Fan noise is too low or non-existent for most tasks. Only when I stress it a lot (like synchronizing 12,000 files with Google Backup & Sync) can you listen to it and it’s still not annoying. And the touchpad accidentally fires “Double Tap and Drag” when you no longer want it, but frankly, I deactivate “Double Tap to Drag” because I rarely drag, and when I drag, click and drag it is more natural than double typing

asus zenbook vs dell xps

Dell XPS


The specifications of this new Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop have definitely caught my attention: 4K UHD touch screen, 9th generation Intel i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, 4 GB dedicated graphics memory and Wi available Faster -Fi plus Some extras that include backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, SD card reader and Thunderbolt function.
I tried this system last week and this is what I discovered.
The screen is bright and beautiful and has an almost invisible bezel. The photos have real blacks and the colors are vivid. If you play a 4K video, you will be directly attracted to it. After unpacking, the screen was too bright and had to be adjusted. I also had to set the zoom from 250% to 300% because some of the program commands were simply too small and after a short time I had visual fatigue.
The starts are ultrafast with the SSD. Transferring large or many files is very simple. When you open a folder with hundreds of photos for the first time, thumbnails are rendered almost instantly and maximized to full size without having to wait for larger files. It was a torture that returned to my oldest laptop after I used it. Torture! Everything is very fast.
Windows 10 was not activated. I discovered this when I tried to customize the desktop. I used the Windows activation troubleshooter that solved the problem. But why didn’t Windows get activated at all? I had never experienced this on a new computer before.
The battery life is very good. At 98%, the remaining battery life was more than two hours when several applications were running simultaneously with the download of Windows updates and more than eight hours when the system was idle. Watching videos didn’t sell it out as fast as other laptops it had. And that is because the meter works against performance instead of battery life. If I want to extend the battery, there are many settings that I can change, but I prefer better performance.
The keyboard could be bigger with bigger keys. They had the room. The trackpad works perfectly. Very sensitive with the integrated left / right mouse buttons. I have a laptop with a trackpad without it and I got lost when it came to opening right-click menus or dragging files. I always have to use a mouse. I don’t use the touch screen very often. But it also came out perfectly when I decided.
The sound is more than acceptable. The speakers do not have deep bass, but laptops rarely. If you put the Bluetooth headset over your ear, the quality is complete and rich. With this audio adapter, there are all kinds of improvements available when you have time to play with the settings.
I noticed that the fan of this Dell is very quiet. In fact, you rarely hear it. Just a breath of air for a few seconds and that’s it, unless the system is really strangled and even then it only works for a few minutes.
The wifi is as fast as promised. I am getting a cable speed on this system through my 5 GHz network and I exceeded my cable speed in a click or two this morning.
The only real drawback that I can notice with this machine (in addition to the price) is the weight. This is not a laptop that I want to take with me every day, since it is quite heavy. I see it more as a workhorse that stays in the house or office and provides mobility in that environment, but that is my personal opinion.
Before getting this, I had to find a laptop that could take up my desk space. That would offer the same performance, speed, reliability and upgrade capability. I may have found it.


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