Elgato Game Capture Card HD60 S – Stream and Record in 1080p60, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Xbox 360


Recently I had to buy a new laptop because the previous one showed its age and could not play the latest games while broadcasting. This puts a significant burden on system resources when it makes your computer run demanding games while recording, recording and rendering videos. The old laptop is still powerful enough to handle individual workloads such as recording or editing videos. To make it easier for me, I bought the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.

Now I can let the new laptop play with the maximum settings and just send a copy of the screen output to my other laptop to record and stream. No more arguments about which process (game / recording / video transmission) the graphics card (GPU), processor (CPU) and memory (RAM) use. Each machine has its own work and the HD60 S can send me the video.

This allowed me to transmit with much higher quality and also with better stability. I used this to stream on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and also to record videos locally for editing. I had little difficulty setting it up. The only difficulty was sending the audio from my new laptop to the old laptop through the HD60 S so that my video recording and streaming could play the game audio and play it myself using the headphones connected to the new laptop. This was quite easy to solve when I researched online about the audio configuration using a 2-PC configuration using the Elgato Game Capture and Sound Capture software. This can be a bit more difficult if you are not very familiar with the computer settings. However, if problems arise, a quick online search and watching some YouTube videos can be useful. If you are recording from a game console instead of another PC, this is not a problem, since they automatically send audio to your TV via HDMI by default.


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