HP 25mx 24.5-inch Gaming Display FHD TN LED Computer Monitor 1ms Response


I had the opportunity to play with the HP 25x 24.5 “monitor for a week and enjoyed what I saw. I have the monitor with an HP Pavilion Gaming desktop computer (Model 690-0024), also from Best Buy, along with the Pavilion Gaming Desktop It is equipped with an AMD RX580 graphics card, I could use the monitors Freesync settings, which does not mean that NVidia owners still do not benefit from using this monitor with adaptive synchronization only, but not for the Freesync / G-Sync level .

Construction / Design Quality

The construction and construction quality are excellent. The stand that comes with the monitor is very beautiful, although minimalist. It is very stable, even with a small footprint. It is adjustable in height (maximum height from the table to the screen) and can be used to place the monitor in horizontal or vertical format.

While the support is quite reserved, the monitor itself looks like a player. The monitor frame has a green backlight at the bottom of the frame (the central 5.5-inch areas are illuminated). The online image seems to show the ambient lighting that covers the entire lower area, but the left and right sides are only translucent green plastic inserts without lighting. This ambient lighting can be turned off (or dimmed), making the monitor look more elegant and professional. I personally like the light, so I turned it on. In general, the monitor has a clear design and feels great together. Brushed plastic on the front looks good and slightly textured body plastic doesn’t feel cheap. This monitor is definitely at home in a game configuration, but it is also suitable for an office / professional configuration.

The “frameless” design also highlights it, an important feature for me. The edge of the bevel has a thickness of 2.5 mm (checked with the clamp), which is quite thin. The image is still outlined in black on the screen (slightly less than 5 mm, that is,> 7 mm from the edge of the border to the image). This corresponds exactly to my other frameless monitors (my other monitors have 1.5mm frames, but are still> 7mm in the image). This black border is a standard function / restriction for frameless monitors, due to the structure of the screens used for monitors. Most game monitors have a large bezel (9-12 mm), which is not good when planning a multi-monitor configuration. This is exactly the reason why I only use monitors with a narrow front panel (I now have up to 4 monitors for this overall feeling).

screen quality

The panel itself provides an excellent image. With 24.5 “, 1080p is still a resolution more than adequate for games. Anything bigger, and it would change to 1440p or 4K. Most graphics cards fight with 4K 60 @ high settings, much less ultra – Therefore, 1080 is still a lot for now. I had a lot of time to experiment with the different image quality settings, I resigned to the game-free sync settings and adjusted the sharpness and brightness to my liking. Pretty bright – 400 nits, so that shouldn’t be a problem in a well-lit room. The matte anti-glare finish also helps here. I have no glare from the lights when I return or can pass through my window. The monitor also has a blue light reduction function, this is something It has been implemented in Windows 10, but it is still nice to see that it is integrated into the monitor when the Lich Control should be limited to a single panel.

In games with Freesync enabled, the image quality was excellent. I had no problems with frame breaks or frame rate. The games I tried were Far Cry 5, Dirt Rally and Shadow of War. I also played Fortnite, but that only has adaptive sync support. The response time of 1 ms (gray to gray) is fantastic. The colors seem to be quite accurate and only require minor adjustments in the delivery status. The viewing angle on the monitor is quite normal for TN (170 ° Horz, 160 ° Vert), and you really can’t get much more than that if you don’t jump to VA or IPS.

The screen itself had no stuck or dead pixels at the beginning. There is no bleeding or hot spots in the backlight.

The jump to 144Hz

In front of this monitor, I only had 75 Hz panels. I never thought there would be a big difference between 75 Hz and 144 Hz. 

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