SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset – Integrated Xbox Wireless + Bluetooth – 20+ Hour Battery Life – for Xbox One 


I’ve used the best Turtle Beach games forever (I’ve been through four of them over the years), but I’m converted. Over time, all TB headsets physically crumble (like the Elites that this unit is replacing), most often due to the physical stress that occurs when putting on and taking off the headphones with the plastic sliders for the headphones. Then, you should apply duct tape to prevent your very expensive headphones from literally falling out. The 9X design is obviously not going to have that problem. Instead of the headphones being in sliders to fit well, the cups are in fixed positions on a large-gauge leaf spring that shapes the headset and applies good pressure to the cups. Then adjust an elastic headband to get the fit you want. I was skeptical until I tried.
The enveloping effect is better than that of TB, in my humble opinion. It is much more obvious where the sound comes from. I no longer hear someone behind me, but I wonder if they are on the left or right as I did with my TB. Directionality is much better in this set.
I could take or leave the boom microphone, but the red light on the microphone when I am muted is a great feature. It’s out of the way, but it’s also immediately obvious with just a glance if I’m silenced or not. The microphone is much more sensitive than the TB condenser microphone, so I had to lower the sensitivity a lot to keep the room noise during the day. In the photo, the microphone is retracted. You can leave it in that position or extend it to approximately 4 “and then adjust the position precisely if you wish.
Noise cancellation does not seem to be an option, but since I can hear where someone is much better with the 9X controllers and the surround implementation, I will take it.
The controls are a bit different from tuberculosis. Instead of a large number of buttons and settings, the 9X has two wheels (one for the balance between the voice and the sound of the game and another for the total volume), a mute button, a power button and a power button. Bluetooth pairing. I don’t like the wheels, since putting on and taking off the headphones almost always means that I will move one of the wheels, and then I will have to make an adjustment. In addition to the light on the boom microphone that indicates that the microphone is muted, the mute button is oversized and tactile, so you can feel if it is muted or not.
TBs have many sound options that you don’t get with 9X, numerous modes, etc. This is not that, but again, the main reason to spend a battery on a headset is to use sound to make better decisions. In the game This set exceeds my TB for that.
There is no base station, unlike TB. The headphones are paired using the same RF as your game controls. That means one thing less sitting somewhere, and it also means that when you plug in the headset, it is absolutely charging (and yes, like TB, there is a light that tells you that). Anyone who has used TB Elites will tell you stories about moments when he thought his headphones were charged, but it was not because somehow the configuration shook a little, enough that he lost contact, but the lights did not warn him of that.


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