ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless


I had problems with the previous version of the A50 headphones, I think many. The headset was sitting impatiently at the charging station most days. I finally gave up and started plugging it in to charge. However, that was my only complaint since the sound and comfort were first class.

I chose the new version because it made sense to have an additional one for my PC and leave the other one connected to my Xbox. Man, do I love the new one? Smaller footprint, nice sound, slightly thinner design and the base is amazing. Thank you very much, strong recommendation.

Astro a50 vs Arctis pro wireless

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset


I replaced my Siberia 800 after about two years when the batteries swelled and the charger broke. Well, a good coincidence and the possibility of obtaining a more elegant model, I thought. The Pro Wireless has broken down and the line-out socket of the base station is completely unusable. SteelSeries seems to know that they put a cheap plug in there because they first advised me to push the cable of my headphones more and try different cables. If that didn’t work (the jack is TOT), they took me through the most ridiculous RMA process I’ve encountered. After taking screenshots of my receipt “with the visible date of the toolbar” (as if I couldn’t do it with Photoshop?!), They asked me to print an email, cut the headphones in half and take Photos. Then I receive a kind of coupon to order a new product. A lot of work I am not happy with headphones that cost so much money because they are so bad.


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