HyperX Cloud Flight – Wireless Gaming Headset


PUBG only broadcasts in stereo. When you play with a “7.1” or “5.1” headset, it sounds like normal trash. So buy some good stereo headphones. That’s where these come in. From the first moment, I have 0 problems to decipher where the recordings come from, they have a good amount of bass and they work well. My problem with Cloud 2 is that I had Cloud 2 connect it directly to my motherboard, in which the EQ (Sound Blaster X-Fi) software is integrated. I found some excellent equalization settings for her online, and listening to the shots improved and the steps got louder. With the flights in the cloud, I cannot use the EQ software supplied with my mobo because it is a wireless USB adapter that cannot be controlled by the EQ software. I found a third-party software (Equilizer APO) and used the same EQ settings as my other headphones, but it sounded “quieter”. So it’s really not a problem with the headset, but I thought I would share it with any other PUBG fan (which I am sure that many people who buy this headset will use it for PUBG thanks to Shroud).

The build quality is excellent, the microphone is above average for a gaming headset, the battery life has been good so far. I don’t think the headphones are interchangeable like other HyperX headphones. I prefer felt earmuffs because these “pleather” cups make my head sweat a little. Could you try to turn it off? I really didn’t see myself that way.

Hyperx cloud flight vs Arctis 7

SteelSeries Arctis 7 61505 Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset


Great headset to replace my broken Gamecom 788. These had soft and thick cloth cups and were open. These are more synthetic fabrics that are thinner but do not attract fibers and hair. These offer excellent comfort with mostly sound insulation. It took me a while to get used to the soundproofing part where I can’t hear how I’m talking. However, the sound reproduction is excellent, the battery life is excellent, use for Skype calls and without problems with microphone reception. The microphone can slide into the left hearing aid and has a separate mute button that lights up at the end of the microphone when it is muted. It can also be operated in wired mode. This helps when the battery is empty and can stay connected.


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