Microsoft  Surface Laptop 2 


I researched a lot for a month before buying a new laptop! I do photo editing, graphic design, coding and music. The software used consists mainly of Adobe, Ableton Live and Heavy-Coding with a large number of Npm installations. After a thorough investigation, speed, compactness, comfort and ease of use were important. With this new laptop 2 you can verify everything, including the elegant and luxurious design. Buying this laptop was the best decision you made for a laptop. The keyboard is so comfortable that I can type a few steps faster. It is very clean and noisy, has a slim design and a large screen. The touch screen makes a big difference when designing, browsing and using any type of creative software, the craftsmanship on a laptop is like never before and not to mention pure matte black sexy! Yes, I bought Matte Black, which I didn’t find on Bestbuy, so I left a review here because the technical data is the same. For those who wonder, I installed Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Rush, Xd, Lightroom and used them all. Some were executed in cases of regular use, including design, editing, storage and export, and were executed at lightning speed in all applications. I still can’t believe this is just the next level with such speed in such a slim design! Highly recommended!

surface laptop 2 vs dell xps 13

Dell XPS 13


This is a versatile high-end computer for users who want to take advantage of advanced features and multitasking. It comes in a lightweight 4-pound package for portability. These are the characteristics and characteristics that distinguish it for me:

This was the easiest computer I have set up. It took 40 minutes or less since opening the box to register (much less for those who remember their WIFI password). Cortana and the online directions took me through the process step by step. A listed website is also available if necessary.

The screen is a 13.3 inch touch screen. It offers 3840 x 2160 pixels for sharp images and a sharp resolution. (I thought it was a bright screen that players don’t like).

core processor
The PC has an Intel i7 core processor, which offers high speed and excellent performance. It has the ideal work capacity for multitasking, players and high workloads. With the additional cores, overheating may be a problem for some, but I have not had any problems. So far I have not done any work in which the PC has to be fully charged.

With its 16 GB of RAM, the laptop can run many applications at the same time without slowing down the computer. With the laptop, we can mainly edit photos, run Windows and antivirus programs and surf the Internet. Players will probably like the increase in RAM.

The layout of the buttons is efficient and practical. The number keys are as large as the letter keys that I like and are not pressed. I have noticed a difference between this keyboard and the keyboard of my other PC because I have to hold my left hand a little more to the left to get an exact position on the correct keys. Pressing the button requires minimal effort. The buttons are set to the correct sensitivity for my touch and rewind immediately. I can maintain a neutral and comfortable position of the hands while writing.

Another feature of the keyboard is the backlight, which is useful in different environments.

I love the size of this 4 pound PC. As I like to take my computer with me, the portability of this computer is a great advantage.

The computer comes with McAfee LiveSafe for 12 months. Another feature that security conscious users would like is the use of the optional fingerprint reader.

The laptop is housed in an elegant platinum case that has no fingerprints.


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