Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th Generation Ultrabook


In general, I am happy. The price was good. The specifications were excellent. The build quality is excellent! Little or no flexion on the screen, very rigid body. The keyboard is excellent! The best keyboard on a laptop I’ve tried. It works silently and has a good battery life so far. One thing I’m very disappointed with is the speakers. I understand that these are Gen 6 updates that now have some speakers mounted on the top in addition to the bottom speakers. The lower right speaker emits a very annoying hum. At certain frequencies, it sounds like total garbage. Some release the Shift / Enter key, others say it is “normal for a business laptop.” I don’t expect an MBP quality sound here, but I hope it doesn’t sound like a can. I really want to really love this laptop and I intend to keep it, but the poor, vibrant and small sound of the speaker is REALLY disappointing with a premium laptop. The sound is so quiet that I turned off all the system noise because it made me shiver when I heard it. I removed the back cover because I thought something was stuck or wrong. The speakers are screwed with a kind of rubber washer that dampens vibrations and insulates them from the housing. The speakers are quite lazy. I have been thinking of adding some very small rubber washers to tighten the fit a bit and possibly reduce the rattle. I haven’t done anything yet.

I hate being so depressing on a fantastic laptop, but the sound quality leaves much to be desired. But in general, good things far outweigh bad things. I use headphones when I want to listen to a lot of audio.

X1 carbon vs XPS 13

Dell XPS 13


I was so excited to try this laptop. Do you know this feeling when you try new technologies for the first time? The initial emotion you get when the device excites you with beautiful graphics and new things you haven’t seen when you turn it on? Dell could not do it. I turned it on and set it up easily. The questions of yes and cannot be answered speaking. I had to repeat my answer several times because I had trouble capturing my voice with background noise. To be honest, I was very disappointed by the background of the desktop determined by an elegant blue design and the toolbar outside a standard gray. I had to think about my thick old PC that we had when we were children. Why laptops, which have such a good resolution and such a good graphic display, do not have to be displayed at the beginning? It was disappointing. I also discovered that the camera was a bit pixelated / grainy, which surprised me because it is also a feature that is supposed to be great. Ignore my silly face, but the image I loaded directly from the camera. The quality of my cell phone’s camera is better. It comes with a USB converter because the laptop itself does not have USB ports. It also came with the charger. The sound quality is fine again, nothing that has impressed me. Yes, I have a touch screen, but I have several tablets, and I can’t say why or when I’m really using the touch screen. I am confused about why the price is so extremely high. Use several other devices that did the same and were several hundred dollars cheaper. It works, the battery life is long, it is thin and light, but I still cannot say that the price-performance ratio is correct.

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