Gunnar – Enigma Gaming Eyewear – Onyx


I will start with my “conclusion” since I am not patient and I would recommend these glasses as a whole. These “play” glasses that block blue light relieve the symptoms of prolonged exposure to digital output devices.

Now I will briefly cover some context details. Like many others, I work at a computer and am prone to contrast light intensities and glare (without a better description) that cause headaches and eye problems. These glasses provide a clear environment, mitigate the glare and almost completely eliminate the effect that the difference in the intensity of the light between my screens and the large series of windows in the background had in my eyes. There is no enlargement, which is good because I don’t need it. According to the articles I have read, looking at a static object that is relatively close for long periods of time is the reason why people are subject to visual fatigue rather than the constant emission of blue light. In this case, the glasses can only do so much. That said, I have had good experiences using it. The glasses are light and do not look bad. I am not the one who wears sunglasses for a long time, so I cannot say that there was a time when I forgot that I was wearing them, but they had a very positive effect and never distracted me.

Three observations that can be considered negative (and some may be useful):
– The overall size of the lenses and the frame seem big to me
– There is no padding on the back of the frame, so the frame is directly on the bridge of the nose, which is by no means uncomfortable.
– I have noticed that inside each lens I notice a slight glow or a glow that points down (which ironically looks blue) and is almost holographic. This is not a constant problem, but I have experienced it.


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