Gaming Glasses | Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Vertex /Onyx by Gunnar | 35% Blue Light Protection, 100% UV Light, Anti-Reflective To Protect & Reduce Eye Strain & Dryness


It works The only thing is that I can’t use it much because it’s tight. This is how I always felt with the Gunnar glasses. I always tried different styles, but I always had the same problem. They would dig up my temples. I wish they did a little wider to continue because I also like the variety of styles that Gunnar has. Then, if it’s not tight for you, it will definitely work.

Reduce the risk of eyestrain with these Vertex GUNNAR Optiks computer glasses. Advanced optical technology blocks harmful blue light and UV rays, ideal for feeling good and minimizing eyestrain during long gaming sessions. These GUNNAR Vertex Optiks computer glasses offer a secure and comfortable fit with a lightweight construction and a curved nasal support.


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