The gaming glasses are specially designed to reduce the effects of blue light on your eyes. In fact, I am using Gunnar Optik computer lenses. Not only do I look like a professional, but my eyes are not so stressed after looking at a screen for 8 hours at work. Thanks to Gunnar’s game lens technology, my eyes won’t feel so tired during my World of Warcraft raids today. Gaming glasses often have a slight increase, which makes everything a little bigger without affecting the perfect and tight resolutions of your screens. Check my best gaming glasses 2020 and you might like them.

Gunnar – Torpedo Gaming Eyewear


This is my third Gunnar glasses. The first two were great, but the frame rubber was worn. I tried this on the best purchase, I liked it! They were lighter and more comfortable, but they didn’t look so good, but who cares about the computer.

Improve endurance and reduce the risk of eyestrain with these GUNNAR Optiks torpedo glasses. An anti-reflective lens coating minimizes annoying glare, while advanced optical technology improves visual resistance by blocking blue light and UV rays. With ultra-thin arms, you can use most of the audio headphones on these GUNNAR Optiks torpedo glasses.

Gunnar – HAUS Computer Eyewear


Great feeling too, it is not difficult, they offer the possibility of wearing glasses, they are very suitable for driving and wearing at night before bedtime, even first.
Keep your eyes nice for long sessions with these GUNNAR Optiks home computer glasses. A balanced and lightweight construction and integrated spring hinges ensure a comfortable fit, while hard-coated silicone glasses offer long-lasting durability. These GUNNAR Optiks computer glasses filter blue light and UV rays and have anti-reflective coatings to prevent annoying glare.

Gunnar – Maverick Computer Eyewear


If you plan to buy them for more than just games, they warned me that they could distort the light and give you parallax. Somehow you see a blue light that shades the almost normal light. If that makes sense.

Make sure your eyes feel comfortable watching digital screens with these Gunnar Eyewear computer glasses. The classic aviator style looks very retro, and the stainless steel material and flexible hinges ensure durability and a comfortable fit. Protect your eyesight from the harmful effects of blue light when wearing these Gunnar Eyewear computer glasses.

Gunnar – JEWEL Computer Eyewear


Protect yourself from fatigue with these Gunnar Jewel computer glasses. The acetate frame is lightweight and properly balanced for hours of comfort. Wide-design lenses offer a full screen of high resolution screens. These tinted Gunnar Jewel computer lenses filter ultraviolet and blue light to protect them from eyestrain and headaches.


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