Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Computer Speaker System


Immerse yourself in games and music with this Inspire T15 2.0 MF1670AA003 speaker system that features BasXPort technology for booming bass. Connect your computer or mobile device wirelessly through the Bluetooth interface.

Compatible with most Bluetooth devices
For use with your computer, smartphone or MP3 player.

10 W of RMS system power
It offers high quality acoustics for your games, music and movies. Special tweeters offer clear sound at high frequencies.

BasXPort technology
It offers a rich and low-end sound.

monitor speaker
Allows you to adjust the volume and tone.

AUX input (line input) and dedicated headphone output
For easy connectivity.

Will they blow you up with thunderous serious? No, but simply, they are high quality speakers for the price. I can’t beat her. The only small problem they have is static / buzz when they connect to your computer. Bluetooth also works very well. Very happy with the purchase!


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