Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers with Game Driven RGB Lighting


Increase the intensity during game sessions with these Logitech LIGHTSYNC gaming speakers. A sequence of RGB lighting controlled by your games makes the games more exciting, while the built-in DTS: X ultra-surround sound produces detailed and powerful audio data for an even more intense experience. Bluetooth pairing buttons and volume controls allow effortless operation. You can create your own light show with these Logitech LIGHTSYNC gaming speakers with a LIGHTSYNC screen sample.

I love music and I love games! I’m also a fan of these basic stereo settings, which include two speakers and a sub.
These speakers are amazing! I absolutely love her. I’ve had it for just over a month. I play a lot of WoW or Battlefield and the dynamic sound you hear really puts you in the game. It also has great lows and highs.

One problem is that you have to lower the system volume. The volume control is extremely sensitive. When my fiance is at home, I can’t make him taller than level 4, so I don’t bother her. If there is no one else at home, they emit an intense sound! I’m afraid to pass level 32 !!!

In general, these speakers are epic. I come from a Klipsch configuration. I had the configuration for almost 7 years !!! These speakers are an excellent upgrade / replacement and they look so sexy in combination with the LEDs on my PC!


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