H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2019 with 4% Refund Bonus Offer [PC/Mac Disc]


I have been using H&R Block for many years to file my taxes and so far I am satisfied with the results. This is the first year that I decided to try the software because I used the free online software provided to me. Needless to say, the software does the job, but with some obstacles.

I installed the software on a MacBook Pro that works very well. What I like most is how fast and easy your taxes can send. The user interface is neither good nor bad. For me it is as simple as possible. I wish they had better organized the user interface, since there are too many tabs to click. This takes a long time trying to find a particular option. However, the presentation is quite easy, as they are known as the “interview process”. Here the software asks you questions and you fill in the gaps. The biggest problem I had was finding out how to send a 1099 Misc … The problem I had to face was that the software was still giving me the wrong form, making my taxes go far away. The help menu is not very useful, as it takes me to the form, but there are no instructions on how to add the form to your taxes. After trying to find the right way for a few hours, I finally found it, and after that everything went well.

Sending state taxes was very easy because all your information is taken and converted by the federal government so you don’t have to re-enter it. Once you’re done with everything, the software will run the accuracy check that can identify problems, etc. You will then be asked if you want to send them by email or by mail. The software will inform you that you can send it. 5 times free with your activation code. On the next screen, you will see that your state taxes are also presented for only $ 19.99. I was very disappointed because I have the luxury download version and the front image of the box only contains the words Federal with a check. Mark next and also put a check mark next to it. The title of the software itself says H&R Block Deluxe + Status …¬†

In general, I cannot say that I am happy with the whole process. Although I was finally able to file my taxes, I spent more time trying to find the correct forms than I wanted. I also decided to do my own little experiment by completing the free online software of your website. I have to say that free online software (which is not exactly free) is much easier than paid software. Both results were exactly the same, only the online version lasted half the time. After everything is said and done, I would not recommend this software to anyone.

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