SkyTech Legacy Mini – Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 7 1700 8-Core 3.0 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 500G SSD, 16GB DDR4, AC WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64-bit


I was in the market looking for a PC for games for a good time. I discussed whether I should build my own or buy a pre-compiled one. Initially, I was determined to build my first gaming PC, and I researched and found all the parts I wanted online at the best price. I think the general price of the piece was around $ 1000 and that has no guarantee as I was the one who built it (this is important for later). Before I invested in the entire part, I took a final tour of the Internet to see if a pre-built version could outperform my design in terms of price and performance. Low and lo and behold, I came across the SkyTech games and their Legacy Mini. Obviously, you can see that it was the best deal because I bought it about a month ago. Now I have enough time with the product to check it and the spoiler. It’s pretty cool.

The Legacy Mini is a microATX PC construction. In short, this means that the PC is smaller than the norm. All parts on the PC are as announced by SkyTech and the build quality is good. I think the pieces were generally very well chosen for the price of the unit. It’s essentially the same design I had planned, except for a different case and power supply. With PC Part Picker, an online website where you can build and rate a PC as a whole, this construction costs up to 1077.76 to the teeth, and I think I used a cheaper power supply and RAM. This shows that the price is worth it in comparison to other alternatives. Also, I couldn’t find any other company willing to sell a similar 1660-ti construction cheaper than SkyTech. Before continuing my experience using the device, I would like to add that a PC that created YouTuber called ScatterVolt recently released a video titled “The 5 Best Pre-Made Gaming PCs for the Holidays! ($ 500-2,000 ) “. SkyTech produced 3 of these 5 PCs for games.

Here is a summary of my experience with the device. I am a university student who has a passion for games. I’ve always played games on an Xbox product and dreamed of switching to the PC one day. So this gaming PC is my first and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The device was sent and arrived exactly when it was said. After unpacking everything was nice and packed. The parts were protected from damage during the shipping period. The configuration was easy. SkyTech includes a mouse and keyboard with every device sold, so you don’t have to worry about these peripherals on the first day. The startup was simple and straightforward, everything started wonderfully and the device lit up as an early Christmas decoration. The PC has most of the already installed and ready-to-use requirements (Chrome, Furmark, Geoforce Experience, etc.). He is fast, responsive and does everything. I set up my Steam and Uplay accounts and very soon started playing Rainbow Six Siege (my favorite personal game). Rainbow Six Siege can do about 140 FPS in 1080p in high settings for me. The device broke my expectations for the quality of the game. The benchmarks listed by SkyTech for the device were very accurate. I also tried PUBG and it worked as advertised, which is fantastic. RGB fans are just an addition that makes the PC feel more personal and works flawlessly and beautifully. One final note I want to add concerns the ability of PCs to update. They can be simple and very easy. Less than a week after the purchase, I easily installed a 2 TB hard drive. Finally, I’m going to update the 16 GB RAM from 2400 Hz to 3200 Hz, which in turn is a very simple process. The case selected for this compilation facilitates access to all parts and the exchange for new ones. I don’t think you need to buy or build another PC right now, which is fantastic.

In short, I have had the device for more than a month and use it almost every day, whether for school work, games or television programs. I had no problem with the device. The CPU temperature did not exceed 70 degrees Celsius even under stress, which is ideal for a PC with air cooling. Overall, I think this PC, and probably other SkyTech-made PCs, are fantastic products that are made with passion for passionate people.

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