SkyTech Azure Gaming Computer PC Desktop – AMD RYZEN 7 3700X, RTX 2070 Super 8G, 1TB SSD, 16G DDR4 3000, B450 Motherboard, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, ARGB, Window 10 Home


I have had this PC for almost a month and I feel I can talk comfortably about the product. The PC arrived in a large box that suffered moderate damage from shipping. When I opened the box, the PC was between two large polystyrene blocks that hung the PC in the middle of the box, so that the box itself would not be damaged during shipping. There was another box next to the transparent panel. This box contained a keyboard and a mouse. I was a little surprised since I didn’t remember seeing this in the product description. Overall, the mouse and keyboard were decent, not the best you can get, but if you need something to start, this was an excellent starting point. The PC was wrapped in a large bag. I am not sure what the material was made of, but it is printed with a cord and a heat logo. There was a folder on the PC with a business card to support the lines and a checklist of what had been verified on the PC before shipment.

Removing the PC from the shipping box was relatively easy, a simple foam charger was used to send it to the PC, and the clear screen looked at its quick start guide before turning it on. I didn’t have a manual in the folder or on the PC, so I went to the Skytech website and was able to get one for the PC model I bought. A simple site that was not a big problem for me. After removing the shipping foam and connecting all my cables to electrical outlets and monitors, I was ready to turn on the PC.

When the PC was turned on, the computer started and shut down repeatedly. Fortunately, Skytech provided a detailed troubleshooting process that allowed me to eliminate many of the typical problems that may arise from sending a fully assembled PC. After following the step-by-step instructions, I sent an email to support for help. Skytech responded within 24 hours and had a breakdown of what I could try with an image of the internal parts and some circles that indicated exactly what I was looking for. In general, I was satisfied with the support and was able to put the PC into operation a few hours after troubleshooting.

The PC information shows all the correct specifications listed in the description, and the functionality of the PC is perfect for the game and the job for which you needed it. I don’t do photo or video editing, but I play newer games that can be challenging for the whole PC. This compilation handles everything without problems, even if it stays on for three days. The fans work very well. I have little or no noise from them and the PC shows no signs of overheating delays. The noise level is a slight hum, that’s the best I can do with this description. With the audio of everything you are doing, you will not notice.

I would recommend this PC to anyone looking for something to start or update. It comes with Windows 10 and there is no additional software other than RGB components. One of the only drawbacks for me is the position of the power switch on the top of the housing. I hit it a couple of times when I connected a microphone or a USB port on the top, but this is a case problem that Skytech cannot change unless they get another case for this compilation. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.

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