KontrolFreek Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – A.D.S. Performance Thumbsticks for PlayStation 4 (PS4) | 2 High-Rise, Concave 


I’ve always been a fan of half of the high-rise buildings because it’s easier to press buttons in quick action. This special set is not only fantastic for the great design, but especially for the width. The joysticks for the elite controller are so small that they are ideal for people with larger thumbs. These are there as one of my favorite favorite control sets!

Modern Freefare Control Freeks give your thumbs extra height that helps aim. I like the quality of the sticks themselves and I also like the design. I also like that it comes with 2 tower blocks (since you really only need to use one on the right floor) to last longer.

Well, that’s out of the way, the sticks are by no means perfect. The concave nature of these sticks is too much. When these control monsters are used, it is uncomfortable how deep the convex shape of the piece is. The handles on the edge are nice, but if you point to the edge, you may find that you lose precision when your finger slides on the convex slope.

If you use these normal sticks with your finger in the middle of the stick, you feel incredibly uncomfortable with the additional range of movement and height. On the contrary, being able to control the stick, the edge being the best option, they cannot give you this. Even if someone is surprised … I have very long fingers and big hands. If you feel uncomfortable in my hand, God bless the little people out there

I highly recommend the Galaxy Kontrol Freeks, and I hope that Kontrol Freeks will read this and take this design and discover that controlling the analog from the edge of the stick makes your goal incredible. Perhaps it would be great to have a new design that involves someone’s finger resting on the edge of the stick and design a concept for it.


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