PDP Nintendo Switch Eevee Greyscale Travel Case, 500-154 – Nintendo Switch


This case is very well done. This is the main reason why I chose another third-party transport bag. The hard case will probably protect your switch well if it ever falls. The only complaint I have is the padding of the built-in flap, which is supposed to protect your screen. The padding limits what you can comfortably store in the zippered pocket to almost cables / headphones and flat objects. I will still rate it as 5 because it doesn’t advertise to save more than the console. and some games Apart from that, I really like this case.

It has a strong outer layer and a soft interior. It adapts perfectly to the switch. It is very tight and safe. There is a nice soft padding on your screen that can also be used as a support for your device. Below are bags for game cartridges and memory cards. I haven’t used them yet since I only have digital games, but I’m glad there is a place for them if I ever need them in the future. The only drawback I have for this case is that you cannot insert any accessories. But my main priority was to protect my Nintendo Switch and that worked perfectly.


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