Satisfye – New Switch Grip Slim Bundle, Accessories Compatible with Nintendo Switch – The Bundle includes: Switch Grip, Slim Case


I was skeptical of the handle. There were many positive reviews, but so many that seemed false. I used some other handles that I hated in the end, mainly the official Nintendo license of the RDS industry. The problem with this was that it didn’t work well with the switch and doubled the disadvantages of joy. This problem does not occur with the Satisfye Pro controller. It fits the switch like a switch and has the least amount of deviation when you keep it aside. If both sides are held, it feels solid, is very light and feels comfortable in the hands. The only drawback is the shipment. Most of the items are manufactured in China like this, but this is only in China in stock, so you can expect a delivery time of a few weeks. I hope someday they offer an improved version of it that can run thin strips of metal on the back that offers a 100% drop. I would pay the highest price for such variation.

The accessories are fine. I have not really used the USB C cable because it is too short for normal use in the hand and is practically intended for use on a table connected to a power bank, which I have not yet done. The covers of the sticks are really decent and I use them on both sticks. Increase the height so you have a little more control with the sticks in portable mode. They are also quite safe, although they spin a little when in use, which is not a big problem unless you are super TOC.

Grip is super amazing and the only way to use my switch in portable mode now. It is much more convenient for me to play games in portable mode, and it is actually very fun for me. Usually, my hands got tired or I constantly adjusted my grip in the hand mode.
The handle makes it look like you have a great Playstation controller in your hand.

Overall, I love this and thanks for the people who do it. This has made playing in portable mode much more pleasant and comfortable. The additional size of the housing and the entry and exit of the handle are worth the additional convenience.


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