Alienware M17, 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H, 17. 3″ QHD (2560 X 1440) 120Hz, 400-nits Display, 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6


As with my first Alienware, unpacking this new one was like opening a box with an unknown treasure. Even the box is impressive. When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was how thin and light this laptop is. All the gaming laptops I had before were wedge-shaped (for airflow and additional components) and a little heavier, so the weight and thin profile of the M17 really surprised me. When you open the laptop, a really well-designed keyboard layout is shown that is amazing for both your eyesight and your sense of touch. The keys seem to be made of the same metal alloy that makes up the bulk of the case, and they all feel very sharp when pressed and released. I have to admit that it was a bit exciting to see the kaleidoscope of the colors that blinked on each button and the corresponding LED ring around the rear exhaust when I pressed the power button for the first time. The wrist / palm rest pad also offers a lot of space when using the keyboard, which is important to me because I have slightly larger hands than normal. My hands sometimes feel tight on laptops, but not on this one. Of course, the laptop is equipped with a webcam and an array of microphones (one on each side of the webcam) to record, and this model has another device under the screen that I couldn’t find in the manual. It turns out that this is the Tobii Eye Tracker. It is a great concept that allows you to control certain software / games with your eyes. Another great concept, but also a bit creepy, especially when you read the Tobii Agreement. There are enough USB ports for everything you need, especially if you have a USB hub or a Thunderboltt port, so the functionality of the M17 is not compromised by its slim profile. The only component missing from this laptop that I would have liked to have was a DVD slot, but to be honest, I don’t even remember the last time I used it on my current laptop. So that is no big deal.

After turning on the laptop and connecting it to my router, I updated Windows and then used the Alienware Update Utility to check for updates for this computer. After installing all the updates and connecting some peripherals, I installed World of Tanks to quickly test what the machine could do. With all the graphics settings set to Ultra, I reached approximately 105-120 fps. Add that to the absolutely amazing clarity of the M17 screen, and it’s easy to forget that this only weighs about 6 pounds. I also connected the laptop to a larger monitor since I often use a laptop in my home and found that the game is equally impressive, although the refresh rate on the external monitor was only 75 Hz compared to 144 Hz on the laptop screen. One thing that caught my attention immediately is that this thing is getting hotter. When you start World of Tanks and sit in the garage, the fan speed changes audibly and the amount of heat increases similarly to the side and rear. The upper part of the cabinet near the screen, which is covered with hexagonal vents, and I suppose that together with the vents at the bottom are for the air intake, it will also get quite hot. This area gets hotter during the game. I called Alienware about the heat and these top vents because I usually close the lid of my laptop when I connect it to an external monitor because the laptop is in front of the monitor. I was told that this laptop had enough “complaints” about the heat to get a BIOS update (which I had already installed). They also advised me not to close the lid, which sucks. This is not a show stopper, but I have limited space in some places where I use external monitors, so it is not so easy to put aside the laptop. I have only had the laptop for about a week, but unfortunately I am already having problems with the Internet connection, which is interrupted by a Cat5 cable. I had no problems with the wireless connection, but when I play I like to play with a wired connection. The RJ45 connector of the M17 is (at least for me) a bit odd, since it is almost half tall (also here to accommodate the slim profile). The bottom of the connector can be rotated so that the connection is not easy. The problem occurs after switching on and, at some point, the connection is interrupted and the port behaves as if no cable was connected. When I restart, everything is fine again and the problem only arises the next time it starts cold. It is probably a driver problem, but again the machine is one week old. Is it a problem of Alienware or MS, who knows? I have contacted Alienware and I hope to hear from you soon. I also started to get random blue screens, although MS changed the color to a pleasant purple hue … it’s much quieter. It is always the same stop code and usually when it is restarted after the ethernet port has given up (possibility? Probably not). Again, the machine has only one week, I did not install much on it and what I have installed has worked perfectly on another machine for years. I also noticed that a Tobii eye tracker function no longer works. The screen is supposed to get dark when you’re not looking at it and it will light up when you return to the laptop (cool and creepy), but that doesn’t work anymore. Finally, I discovered that the screen saver function did not work (I am not sure if it is a new problem since I tried it), but I also found the power settings that you can use to control when more or less at the same time The screen turns off or when the laptop turns off / hibernates it no longer works. Is it a problem with the laptop, Windows or any of the three things I have installed? I’m not sure, but everything I’ve installed still works on another computer and doesn’t cause any problems. Then we will see what Alienware has to say about it.

In short, this M17 laptop is beautiful; It looks amazing and just feels solid. It is elegant, thin, weighs almost nothing and has some nice features, some of which border on the creepy. Although my game was limited, the gameplay is impressive. The laptop seems to be working fine, although I had no trouble influencing the game. I hope Alienware has solved the heat problems of my previous model. My biggest concern at the moment is that within a week I have already noticed cracks in the hardware functionality and in the operating system. Everything could be related to the operating system. I didn’t have time to let Alienware address them, so I hope they can shed some light on the problems. If I had not had the problems I had with the faulty functions of the operating system and the Internet connection in the last 2-3 days, I would have given this laptop 5 stars, but as it is, I give it 4. I would still give this laptop To all recommend who is looking for a very powerful and lightweight slot machine, but I would also recommend that you wait and make sure that all problems are resolved


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