Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds, (Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones for Running and Sports), Black


PROS: Good Bose sound quality.
No noise suppression, but blocks most of the outside noise.
The earpiece has three gel tips for most ear sizes.
It adapts very well to the ear.
It fits very well in the ear.

CONS: cannot be used for phone calls; this is a serious mistake. Who creates headphones with a microphone but does not allow calls? Stupid design.

No noise canceling

I have seen many complaints about battery life, but have not experienced any.

Overall rating: Originally there were a lot of separation issues. With the firmware update you solved this problem. I use it with my iPhone 8 and iPad Pro. The sound quality is good. Easy to use Three-button control allows you to increase / decrease the volume, pause, skip, rewind and activate SIRI by pressing and holding the center button. It has a microphone and can switch to a call, but the microphone and headphones will not work once answered. I cannot hear or speak to the caller. Why having a microphone when you can’t use it for calls, SIRI, is it really the only use with voice assistants?

I have the charging case as an additional accessory. The housing has a built-in battery for charging. I am busy keeping the headphones in my pocket after each use. I have approximately 10% battery usage per hour of listening. He had the headphones on for about 2 and a half years. It still works great and the battery life has not changed. The longest route I used is about 4 hours. They reported that there was a 60% battery remaining after 4 hours of use. Comfortable to use for a long time.

The cable connection is fine. I wish I had waited and got the newer version, but sometimes it’s good to pause and take it out of your ear for a discussion. With the cord, you can hang them around your neck and not have to play with them while talking to someone.

They have a nice clip that can be attached to the shirt collar, but can be easily detached from the drawstring. Helps prevent the cord from rubbing your neck when walking or running. I lost it 4 times and found it 3 times. It’s usually still glued to the shirt I last wore when walking or running. I tried to replace it from Bose, but it was too expensive. So you had an old corded Bose earphone, the clip works much better than the one that comes with it.

Overall, I like them, but I expect a little more from Bose. These are good, but you could have done better with the cost of the headphones and the optional case.


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