Fuji Labs Wireless HD2000 Professional Stereo Headphones


Pros: Sound First: If you’re the type that compares audiophile-level specs and performance, you probably wouldn’t even look at them. However, the sound of these phones is excellent. Okay, so they’re not Bose, but a fraction of the price? Come on Although these are not really noise canceling, they can reduce the junk sounds around me without having to increase the volume. Incidentally, the volume is more than enough for most applications, although I must say that I have not taken it at full speed yet, because that would be painful and I do not like those things.

The fit: I have what most would think of a “big” noggin (hat 7-5 / 8) … and these just (and comfortably) fit it. Too many budget sets are made for little people / kids / dogs / who knows, often with little room to fit. I usually wear them at or near the shortest headband setting (unless I wear a cap) because they fit perfectly. You could probably wear them with a hat AND a hoodie with enough room. If you have a small coconut, you can look elsewhere.

Comfort: I bought this specifically for work, where I am often connected 6-8 or more hours a day. I jumped because there aren’t many reviews online yet. I found that I could wear them for more than ten hours a day, as long as I stopped my ears every two to three hours. The pillows aren’t too stiff or soft, but if you expect comfort on the Bose level, they’re not quite there. An employee of mine has Bose quality controls and is generally just better miles … and 7-8 times more expensive. I just wasn’t ready to drop that penny. We’ll see how the headphones hold up over time (I’ve only had them for a few weeks so far), but they still don’t show obvious signs of poor quality.

Battery life: see the previous paragraph. I use it A LOT every day. A single USB charge is enough for the hours I need and a few more. This was a great advantage in my purchase decision. The charging port (Micro-B) seems to be very solid.

Range: I generally don’t dare stray too far from my desk while carrying it, but when I get out let’s say 30 feet I still don’t have any glitches / losses.

CONS In some rare cases, the sound became sporadic or stopped completely. Then I had to stop and start the Bluetooth service to fix the problem. I’m not sure if it was the headphones or (more likely) the dongle or even the Realtek audio, but in any case I was able to get back to work with no lasting effects. These never have match / troop connection.

Overall Rating: How can you not give it a spin in light of the price?

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