Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop Computer Touch – 59444165 – Black – 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ


Pros: I can get 75 GFLOPS of this on QuikMark. without 100% processor performance. The 860M is so cool, Skyrim at Max 60FPS is not a problem. He can handle whatever you throw at him. I even use it for work and its speed has increased my productivity. Other than speed, this thing has the BEST SPEAKERS I’ve ever heard on a laptop. All sound jumps from your built-in OR external speakers through the DOLBY profile field. Super slim and sexy backlit keyboard.

CONS: Ok. I don’t like the touchpad, it needs special left / right click buttons. Too; The wireless AC appears to want to “shutdown” over time. After the restart, it works quickly, but an hour later, all of your internet browsing is tracked. But that may be my router. The battery is not impressive, you will be lucky to spend 2-3 hours surfing the internet. The screen is dark, you should use it to the maximum in 90% of the cases. The graphics of this thing are also weird, I can’t describe it, but it’s like the HD4600 is “throttled back” and it’s like it’s paired with the 860M, I think they “work together”. (Not just SLI, you know that) Oh, Windows 8 is terrible: Install Windows 7 right away. Despite the Internet, it is the drivers that can easily install the 860M up to FULL SPEED ( Oh did I mention the touchpad? 🙂 One more thing, you can’t use the external mouse * ON * of this laptop, the matte surface does not work well with laser.

Overall rating: You know it’s an amazing machine, leaving out all the quirks. It is good to basically play games with maximum settings. The keyboard is fine, don’t worry (I’m a programmer); It has decent tactile feedback. The Fn keys do not always work (touch panel on / off, airplane mode, etc.). Oh, this will wake up from sleep if you just open the lid, it doesn’t seem to fix that. The lack of DVD-ROM barely affected me. The USB drive was fine to install Win 7. SSHD reaches 111 Mbit / s on QuikMark, which does not meet my expectations. Usually? BUY THIS THING! Lenovo did a great job! I <3 my Y50!

Don’t think about the “ownership level”. I have had this for about 2 years; And it is a perfect laptop.
Strong, stable and well built. NEVER ruined me. The cooling system is excellent. It never overheats. I have never had a plug. or the screen fails. Everything is still 100%. My only grip is;
Since I’ve taken this apart several times, I can see some capacitors swell! This is common with older computers. but I haven’t seen it on a newer computer until this one. I can speculate that this will last 5 years or more. I am totally satisfied with this purchase; If it weren’t for all the OTHER BAD REVIEWS, I’d buy the Y700!

I am very happy to have a 100% perfect Lenovo laptop, or everyone else is really unhappy. Either way, he couldn’t imagine that this thing was in less than perfect shape, he even had a signature on the inside of the guy who put it together.


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