Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop Computer Touch – 59444165 – Black – 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ


Pros: I love the look and it’s pretty fast. I am also a big fan of the HD screen. Yes, there are still some issues with Windows that handle high resolution, which doesn’t work, but I still prefer high resolution. The fingerprint problem that some had is also not a big problem for me.

CONS: There really are many disadvantages.
First, something crazy is happening with the keyboard … it’s been happening since I understood the thing. For some reason, really weird things happen when writing, e.g. For example, the alignment of the text is changed or the last 3-6 words that I wrote are pasted (although I have not copied them). . Sometimes a Windows application opens. I checked that I also didn’t accidentally hit anything. It is just a mess. And lately I’ve also had problems with the mouse. There are USB inputs (which I’ll look at in a moment), so sometimes I have to use the built-in mouse pad, which I don’t like to do. Sometimes there are problems on this laptop where I can’t move my mouse up or down when I click something to move it, e.g. For example, a desktop icon or a browser scroll bar. When I click down, I can’t move the mouse up or down. It only reacts to left and right movements.

The problem with USB ports is that my two USB 3.0 ports are regularly activated. When I connect an external hard drive, the computer comes and goes because it thinks it is connected and not connected. Sometimes it’s so bad that it just comes and goes every second. It is the same with my two 3.0 sockets, but 2.0 is fine.

Regarding the design of the laptop, I hate that they built this so you have to use both hands to adjust the volume. You must use the function key to adjust the volume, which means you cannot do it with one hand. It may not seem like much of a problem, but it’s for me. Especially when I watch movies and stretch to reach volume.

I also had the same problem that others noticed where the mouse pad seems a little loose. It doesn’t seem to affect functionality, but it’s louder than it should be and it’s annoying. It feels cheap and poorly done.

Update: I had the same problem that another user reported here. The hinge broke. It was obvious that it was too tight and was putting pressure on the plastic that the hinge is on, but it got worse and worse, and finally broke the case, and now my laptop splits in two. What a piece of trash. I will never trust Lenovo with my money again.

Overall Rating: While this was under warranty: You already told me I needed to do 1 key recovery to restore factory settings and then since they told me they don’t really think I will fix one of my problems, I have to submit it. What a damn problem.

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