CUK MSI GE63 Raider RGB Gamer Notebook (Intel i7-9750H, 64GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB, 15.6″ FHD IPS-Level 144Hz 3ms, Windows 10 Home) Gaming Laptop Computer


PROS: 144Hz screen, matte 🙂
Packed with RTX 2070
Full-size HDMI
Ethernet connection
A USB-C port
SD card reader
Special fan button

CONS: Maximum 32 GB of RAM, single channel as standard (can be remedied)
Fingerprint magnet
The keyboard layout is messy. The keyboard should have been excluded.
The keyboard font looks like a 90’s video game. It’s annoying to watch.
There are no dedicated volume controls
There is no Windows key left
The touchpad sometimes does not record any movement
Hub hard drive (is this 2019?)
No G sync
Without flash
The speakers are H O R R I B L E.
RGB presets are so annoying that you wouldn’t use the laptop if they were on

Overall rating: If you want to play with an external mouse and keyboard, it’s doable, but it’s still a laptop and not very decent. I bought this to play and work on Linux, and while I have my own ideas on how Lutris should be the best since sliced ​​bread, this laptop only has quirks, regardless of whether I’m using an operating system that the manufacturer clearly has no intention of support.

The matte display is a great start to a high-quality laptop that I can use for hours, even outdoors! 144Hz is another great feature, although I don’t know about G-Sync or FreeSync. Coming from a 60 Hz screen is reason enough for you to like this panel. A good start for a modern gaming-oriented laptop and / or technical work. So things are going downhill in terms of usability.

I played around with the RGB keyboard setup and wondered what mood the engineers were in when they made the RGB presets. They are all rubbish, and I can’t imagine anyone really wanting to use one of them because they are so annoying that I can’t even use the keyboard with any of them. The RGB per key function is nice, but it executes so badly right away that I wouldn’t call it a feature without a lot of optimizations. The RGB lights on the back don’t look as bad as I expected, but they are completely unnecessary and almost flashy.

So let’s look at the real issues as to why I’ll probably return this laptop, or at least try. The keyboard layout is just bad. There is no Windows key left, which is also useful on Linux. That is the beginning of the problems. The keyboard on the right just confuses the layout and is completely unnecessary as it’s not far enough from the rest of the keys to be useful. There are no special volume buttons, which really confuses me for a GAMING laptop. Seriously, that was very overlooked. In addition to the terribly narrow design, the font used on the keys is elegant, but not practical for everyday use. It is really difficult for me to read the F keys because the font is strange and very small. Since the keyboard is supposed to be a selling point (RGB is included in the title for a reason), it’s really the laptop’s biggest disappointment. I couldn’t imagine using this for a long time without kinds of mistakes and a lot of frustration. Sure, I could get used to it, but overall it looks like a mess, and I’d rather pay for something that doesn’t look like a child’s toy. While the mouse pad is generally fine, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I touch my finger it doesn’t register, and this happened on both Windows and Linux, so it’s definitely hardware related.

And the last, but not least, is the audio. It sounds good when the laptop is upside down, but to be honest, I don’t know many people who use laptops upside down. Place the machine on your lap or desk and you will only hear mud. No highs, a lot of medium, and that’s it. It gets very loud, very distorted, and the speakers, which are advertised twice on the laptop, aren’t even in the “OK” or “acceptable” range in my opinion. I used cheaper laptops with exponentially better sound quality.

Overall, it’s a powerful computer that’s designed for portability, but it screams mediocrity when it comes to real mobile gaming. Frankly, this may be the last MSI hardware I’ve considered.


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