MSI GV62 8RD-275 15.6″ Performance Gaming Laptop NVIDIA GTX


Pros: – The price of such a powerful slot machine is incredibly low.
– Screen looks good, matte, not the most common touch / bright / dazzling display
– Runs on games with higher FPS than my i7 desktop, GTX970, 32GB RAM
– Works surprisingly cool and quiet compared to any other gaming laptop I’ve used
– Decent, if not surprising, weight
– have the numeric keypad on the keyboard

CONS: – As others have mentioned, the touchpad isn’t particularly good, but it doesn’t shoot bad when typing and it’s good for surfing the internet. I think people just don’t want to play ego games with him
– The keyboard keys are a bit smaller than usual, which takes a week to get used to
– Large bezel around the screen means the laptop takes up more space in a pocket than a typical 15-inch screen

Overall Rating: – I own a Razer Blade and this thing takes it out of the water in all categories except portability and touchpad, but for a third of the price
– Time will show build quality comparatively, but it can tell you that the Razer will panic almost immediately with every game due to the placement of the vents. In this sense, it has a much better design and works much cooler. Razer had display issues and battery inflammation, starting in 1 year 2 months and up to approximately 2 years. If this takes a year, it will still be a better deal. If you take 3-5, MSI will probably have my business forever.
– Update: Sent on my discount claim in mid-February, I heard that my discount will ship on March 31 and is expected to be received by April 28.


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