MSI GL Series GL65 9SC-004 15.6″ Intel Core i5 9th Gen 9300H (2.40 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 8 GB Memory 512 GB NVMe SSD Windows 10 Home 64-bit Gaming Laptop


PROS: I got this for a deal on a Black Friday sale. $ 200 off RRP! I think it would still be a good deal without the discounts.
– This thing is a beast when it comes to performance. About 6900 points are earned in Unigine Superposition, which is only 500 points less than on my game desktop. Even if you only have an i5, it corresponds to the full-performance i7 from the previous generation because it has 8 threads and turbos at up to 4.1 GHz. Don’t let the i5 stop you from making this purchase! Also, the GTX1650 graphics card performs better than a 1050ti and works flawlessly with anything it throws at it. This laptop can be used as a possible desktop replacement!
– The built-in SSD is really good. It is not a compromise at all, as it offers 512 GB of storage space and smokes quickly because it is NVMe. The start time is almost instantaneous! I measured it with Crystal Disk Mark and read over 1600Mbps and wrote over 1300Mbps. Pretty impressive. I also think it is great that there is room for a SATA drive if you need more space.
– This also has all the ports that anyone could need! Ethernet connection for gaming without delay, HDMI, mini-screen connection and USB-C. You don’t need dongles or adapters! There is no VGA or CD drive, but they are outdated and no longer used by anyone.
I like how the screen is IPS and without reflections instead of bright. I also don’t notice any input lag or excessive ghosting. Colors are decent, though I do notice slight backlight bleed at the bottom of dark scenes.
– The level of customization with the included Dragon software is crazy. I generally don’t like the bundled software because I see it as unnecessary bloatware. However, this software is really very good and I really like it.

CONS: – keyboard layout. The Windows key is on the right instead of the left, which is awkward. Although it can be changed with the included software. There is also no light for the number lock, although there is one for the Caps Lock key.
– Only 8 GB of RAM included. As it is a gaming laptop, it must be delivered with 16 GB. Although it is not a big problem at this price, since the RAM is upgradeable. At least, the RAM speed is decent at 2666 MHz instead of just 2133, which is common for most other laptops, but latency is pretty high with CL19.
– Well, it’s thick, but who cares, because I bought it for use in games, and I care more about performance than aesthetics. If I wanted a slim laptop, I would have bought an ultrabook
– Battery life isn’t that great, but it’s a gaming laptop, not a netbook. I will use the laptop in 90% of the cases anyway. When you buy a gaming laptop, don’t expect a long-lasting battery. If you want good battery life, don’t buy a gaming laptop.
– The charging port is very large and the location is a bit awkward. The cable seems to bend slightly depending on the position, as it is rectangular, I’m not sure how long it will take.
– Ease of maintenance is a bit difficult because not only do you have to remove all the screws on the bottom, but you also have to excessively remove a series of delicate clips around the entire circumference of the case. There is also a factory sticker that needs to be damaged. Therefore, if you choose to upgrade, you may have difficulties with the manufacturer’s warranty and support. The same is true for most other laptops these days. Gone are the days of easy dismantling. This is something to think about.

Overall Rating: This is the best laptop I’ve ever had.

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